Virginia CLE Webcast Seminars

Virginia CLE® webcasts are streaming live MCLE programs delivered right to your PC or Mac computer, tablet, or smartphone — anywhere with a good Internet connection.

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Live Interactive MCLE Credit SymbolAll Virginia CLE® webcasts qualify for live-interactive credit towards the 4-hour annual requirement for Virginia attorneys. Attendees may submit questions to the speakers via the chat room. Webcasts recorded at an earlier date feature live Q&A with the presenter at the end of the rebroadcast.

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Test Your System

To test your system, browse here using the device and browser you will use for the webcast.

Ad Blocker Users

If you use an ad blocker such as uBlock Origin, you may need to launch the webcast, disable the ad blocker, and then refresh the webpage (by pressing F5).

Tablet and Phone Users

iOS Devices: Please use the latest version of Safari.

Android Devices: Please use the latest version of Chrome.

Laptops and Desktops

We recommend using either Firefox or Chrome for our webcasts.

Older browser versions may not be compatible. View a list of the lowest compatible browsers here.

You can view your current browser and version by browsing here:

>> Click for clearing cache instructions - Firefox
>> Click for clearing cache instructions - Chrome
>> Click for clearing cache instructions - Safari
>> Click for clearing cache instructions - Internet Explorer

Purchasing a Webcast

  1. Webcast registrations must be completed online. Sign in or create a new account.
  2. Go to the list of upcoming webcast seminars and select the one you wish to attend.
  3. Choose your Registration Options, Add to Cart, and Purchase the webcast with a credit card or Bundle Credits. (Click here to buy Bundle Credits, the most cost-effective way to purchase our webcasts and on demand seminars.)

You may register for a webcast until ten minutes prior to the seminar.

Viewing a Webcast

Please see the information on the right for the System Requirements and to test your system.

Please note that you may launch purchased webcasts from your My Account page.

Prior to the seminar, Virginia CLE® will send registrants an e-mail with a link to a web page which includes instructions for launching the seminar and downloading the seminar materials. If you do not receive the instruction email at least 2 hours before the webcast, please email

If you purchase a webcast the day of the seminar, your e-mail receipt will include a link to launch the program and download the materials.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

Webcast refunds are given up until 5:00 p.m. the day before the seminar. However, you will be charged $40 if you cancel your registration (for non-technical reasons) after Virginia CLE® has e-mailed the link to the materials.

Full refunds and course transfers are given for up to two days after a webcast to those who experience technical difficulties accessing a webcast.

Please email with any refund or transfer requests.