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Virginia CLE® now offers MCLE-Board-approved video seminars on USB flash drives. We will be continually building our inventory.

What are the advantages of USB flash drive video seminars?
  1. Compatibility: USB flash drive seminars work on Mac® or Windows® PC computers with Adobe® Flash® Player installed and can even be transferred to tablets (including iPads) and some smartphones.
  2. Flexibility: You are no longer limited to viewing a seminar on a single computer — you can start watching at the office and continue at home (or any other place that provides an appropriate educational setting). Just make a note of the segment number and time elapsed when you stop and — you don't have to start at the beginning of a segment
  3. Portability: You can carry the seminars in your pocket.
  4. Convenience: If you have to stop viewing a USB flash drive seminar, you can go right back to where you left off by using the 'scrub' bar at the bottom of the video.
  • Like the old CD-ROM seminars, the new USB flash drive video seminars are licensed on an individual basis, so only the original purchaser can claim MCLE credit.
  • Seminar written materials in electronic form (PDF) are included with USB flash drive video seminars at no additional cost. As is the case with other Virginia CLE® seminars, printed written materials may be purchased for $30.
  • Your MCLE form will be dated and you will receive credit as of the date you visit our certificate page and obtain the form.
  • If you are using a USB flash drive video seminar near the end of a credit reporting period, be sure to visit the certificate page immediately upon completion of the seminar. If you have any trouble obtaining your certificate, please call us at 434-951-0045. Please leave us a message with your name, bar number and the embedded codes of the seminar.
  • When placing your USB flash drive video seminar order, please allocate 3-5 business days for shipping purposes.
What are the computer requirements for this USB flash drive video seminar?
This flash drive seminar is designed to work on a Mac® or Windows® PC computer with a USB port, an Internet browser and Adobe® Flash® Player installed.
>> Get Adobe® Flash® Player. (Please un-check the McAfee Security Scan Plus offer before clicking Download now.)
The video files are in MP4 format. If you encounter difficulties playing the videos with your browser you may play the video files directly with a media player such as iTunes or the free VLC Media Player (available at Keep in mind that MCLE regulations require a suitable educational environment.
How do I receive MCLE credit for viewing the seminar?
Audio codes are embedded randomly throughout the seminar to meet the requirements of the Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Board. Please listen carefully for those codes and write them down when you hear them announced. Then follow the instructions on the USB flash drive, which entail connecting to the Internet and browsing to our certificate page to obtain your form.
You can also ask questions of the speakers by emailing
What if I have to exit the program and finish it later?
This is fine, as long as you make note of the current segment number and the number of minutes of that segment you have watched. Unlike CD-ROM seminars, there is no need to finish the seminar on the same computer on which you started, nor is it necessary to start a segment at the beginning.
When you return to the program, click the “Video Segments” button. Then click on the segment number you were viewing. You many then move the “scrub bar” at the bottom of the player to a point that is just before the point at which you stopped viewing the program. Be sure to include at least a little of the material you have already seen so you don’t miss any audio codes, which you will need to get your MCLE Certificate.
How is my MCLE certificate dated?
Your MCLE certificate will be dated as of the date you visit the MCLE Certificate page and obtain the certificate. If you are using a USB flash drive video seminar near the end of a credit reporting period, be sure to visit the MCLE Certificate page immediately upon completion of the seminar to print your certificate.
If you have any trouble obtaining your certificate, call 800-979-8253. After normal business hours, leave a message with your name, phone number, VSB number, and the audio codes in the seminar so we will have a record of when you completed it and will be able to contact you.
What if I have already taken all or part of this program?
MCLE regulations state that you may not receive credit for the same course in two successive credit years. For example, if you received MCLE credit for any part of this program in any form (e.g., live, video replay, phone, CD-ROM, USB flash drive, online) between November 1, 2010 and October 31, 2011, you must wait until after October 31, 2012 to take it again for MCLE credit. Note: You must purchase Virginia CLE® programs each time you wish to receive MCLE credit for them.
How do I get a refund?
If you are dissatisfied with the program for any reason (and you have not obtained the MCLE Certification of Attendance form or otherwise received MCLE credit for it), please send the USB ‌flash drive and written materials back to Virginia CLE® for a full refund of the purchase price.
Can I make copies of anything on this USB flash drive?
No, except for the purpose of temporarily transferring the video files, written materials or both to a mobile device for your personal use only. USB flash drive video seminars are yours to keep for future reference. The seminar copyright is owned by the Virginia Law Foundation.
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