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Virginia CLE® online cle courses turn the unrivaled content of our live programming into bite-sized CLE opportunities that can be viewed on your PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone. Access our online cle while at home, at the office, or wherever you have a good internet connection!

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Over 400 on-demand online CLE programs in a wide range of practice areas, all approved for pre-recorded MCLE credit for Virginia attorneys and over 100 including ethics credit, are available to watch immediately 24 hours a day/7 days a week—including the eleventh hour.

If you are looking for live-interactive credit at a distance, consider Virginia CLE® webcasts.

Looking for the most cost-effective way to purchase Virginia CLE® online seminars and webcasts? Try a 4-, 8-, 12- or 16-credit Online Bundle!!

All online seminar purchases include a free downloadable audio (MP3) version of the seminar. Download once and enjoy your seminar without an Internet connection, if you choose. Click to learn more.

System Requirements

  • Internet Connection: Our seminars will work best on a wired LAN or DSL Internet connection; however, they should also work with a strong wi-fi connection.
  • Firewall Issues: Occasionally organizations (especially government organizations) will install firewalls that prevent our videos from being streamed. In this case you can download the MP3 version or try viewing the seminar from a home network.
  • Macs and Mobile Devices: Our online seminars are Mac, Mobile and Tablet compatible! See below for further information.

Mac, Mobile, and Tablet Requirements and Recommendations

  • Mac Computers: Our online seminars are compatible with recent Mac desktops and laptops using the Safari, Chrome or Firefox browsers.
  • iOS Devices: Our seminars are compatible with iPads and iPhones, although we recommend using a strong wi-fi Internet connection to prevent buffering problems. If you would like to listen to our downloadable audio files offline on an iOS device, click here for more information on the Apple website about transfering files to an iPhone or iPad.
  • Android Devices: Our online seminars are also compatible with recent Android tablets and smartphones. Again, a strong wi-fi connection is recommended to prevent buffer issues.

Technical Assistance

Please email us at If possible, please include your bar number in your email.

For immediate assistance during business hours, please call us at 800-979-8253.

Online Seminar FAQs

Do Virginia CLE® online seminars carry MCLE credit?
Yes. Virginia CLE® has hundreds of on-demand online programs in a wide range of practice areas, all approved for pre-recorded MCLE credit for Virginia attorneys. Please email us at if you have any question about the specific number of MCLE credits for a particular seminar.
Audio codes are embedded throughout our online seminars. Please write these codes down as you progress through the program. You will use these codes to generate your MCLE certificate at the end of the program.
Your MCLE certificate will be dated as of the day you generate it. To receive credit for a course for the current credit year, create your certificate before the October 31 deadline.
Can I view Virginia CLE® online seminars at any time?
Yes. Our seminars are available to watch immediately after purchase, 24 hours a day/7 days a week.
Do online seminars ever expire?
Yes, we do remove seminars from our library, typically between one and three years from their origin date. Each seminar has a "Viewable Through" date on its product page. If one of your purchased seminars expires before you are able to view it, please email us at
What if I have already taken all or part of an online seminar?
MCLE regulations state that you may not receive credit for the same course material in two successive credit years. For example, if you received MCLE credit for any part of a program in any form (e.g., live, video replay, phone, USB, online) between November 1, 2018 and October 31, 2019, you must wait until after October 31, 2020 to take that portion again for MCLE credit.
Note: You must purchase Virginia CLE® programs each time you wish to receive MCLE credit for them. Please contact us ( if you wish to receive credit for an online course you have already completed.
If you discover you have already received credit for a purchased online seminar, please email us at for a refund.
How do I access the downloadable audio files?
Downloadable audio files are now included with each online seminar purchase. This option allows you to listen to a seminar without being connected to the Internet. To download the audio files:
  • Log in to your account and browse to the My Account page.
  • Scroll down to view your purchased products.
  • Click the LAUNCH button next to the seminar you wish to access.
  • Buttons to download each segment of the online seminar are located beneath the video box.
Note About Apple Devices: iPhones and iPads typically cannot directly download audio files for later listening offline. If you would like to listen to our downloadable audio files offline on an iOS device, click here for more information on the Apple website about transfering files to an iPhone or iPad.
How do I get my MCLE certificate after listening to downloadable audio files?
Downloadable audio files are taken directly from the online video seminar segments, so the embedded codes are identical. Keep track of the embedded codes given out during the seminar so that you can enter these codes and your bar number on the Certificate Page once you are finished. Make sure to select the "Online / Downloadable Audio Seminar" seminar type from the pull-down box.
Could I watch some of the segments online and download the audio for the other segments?
Yes, this is fine. The only caveat is to make sure that you are keeping track of the embedded codes in their proper order.
It is even possible to view part of a segment online and then finish the segment in the downloadable audio format (and vice versa). However, when you switch formats please make sure you do not advance past the point in the segment you have completed so that you do not miss any codes.