Newly Published

2018 Editions

Criminal Law

Defending Criminal Cases in Virginia

Virginia Criminal Practice Forms

Family Law

Juvenile Law and Practice in Virginia

Multi-Topic / Practice Management

The Virginia Lawyer: A Deskbook for Practitioners

2017 Editions

Multi-Topic / Practice Management

Virginia Law and Practice: A Handbook for Attorneys

A Guide to Legal Research in Virginia

Bankruptcy/Collections Law

Bankruptcy Practice in Virginia

Business / Commercial Law

Limited Liability Companies in Virginia

Criminal Law

A Guide to the Rules of Evidence in Virginia

Objections: Interrogatories, Depositions, and Trial

Trial of Capital Murder Cases in Virginia

Elder Law

Elder Law in Virginia

Employment Law

An Employment Law Guide: Employee Rights and Employer Responsibilities in Virginia

Estate Planning and Administration

Estate Planning in Virginia

Family Law

Virginia Family Law Trial Handbook: Pleadings, Evidence, and Strategies - NEW TITLE!

Virginia Family Law: A Systematic Approach

Litigation / Trial Practice

Objections: Interrogatories, Depositions, and Trial

Civil Discovery in Virginia

Federal Civil Practice in Virginia - NEW TITLE!

A Virginia-Specific Summary Guide: The Attorney-Client Privilege and the Work Product Doctrine - NEW TITLE!

Real Estate

Eminent Domain Law in Virginia

Torts / Workers' Compensation Law

Medical Malpractice Law in Virginia


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