Publications - General Information

Virginia CLE® books provide Virginia lawyers with practical reference in major areas of practice. Content is task-focused, with research, practical advice, and sample forms and pleadings designed to get results for your client. Most include electronic forms.

For in-depth treatment of specific matters or issues, Virginia CLE® also offers the option of downloading individual chapters of most handbooks from our website, as well as comprehensive stand-alone seminar materials direct from our programs.

Virginia CLE® is a full-service legal publisher committed to quality. Our books are written by Virginia lawyers, judges, and law professors, with substantial experience in their areas of practice, and edited by our professional publications staff.

Electronic Books

In additional to traditional print, most books and seminar materials are available in searchable electronic (PDF) format via download, USB Flash Drive, or CD-ROM. Click here for more information on electronic books.

Learn advanced PDF search techniques from this five-minute video tutorial.

Returns/Refund Policy

Full return privileges apply on the print versions of all books. If you are not satisfied with a book for any reason, simply return it in undamaged, unmarked condition within 30 days of the date of shipment. Electronic publications are not returnable.


You can place publication orders online, by phone, (800) 979-VCLE (979-8253), or by using an order form that can be downloaded and printed. Complete it and mail it or fax it to Virginia CLEPublications. If you are a tax exempt customer, please contact us by phone only at (800) 979-VCLE (979-8253) to obtain information on documentation and process requirements needed to purchase tax free.


Virginia CLE® normally ships publications within 5 days of receipt of the order. They are often shipped within 2 days of receipt. The charge for shipping/handling is $9.00.


There are many ways to get discounted prices on Virginia CLE® publications. See our Publications Discounts page for more information. Please note that discounts cannot be combined with other offers.

New Editions

If a new edition is published within 60 days of the purchase of a book, the new edition will be sent to the purchaser without charge.

Automatic Update Service

Updates are very important to the continuing usefulness of law books. Thus, Virginia CLE® offers a discounted automatic update service that includes 20% off of the price of the new edition, plus free shipping and handling. Automatic update subscribers will receive a notice with an option to decline before any order is sent, followed by an invoice and right to return. The automatic update service may be canceled at any time. Seminar materials are not updated.

Writing for Virginia CLE® Publications

We are continuously looking for both new authors and new titles.Whether you are interested in contributing to a current publication or have a new publication idea, we would love to hear from you. See Writing for Virginia CLE Publications for more information.