Electronic Product Information

Purchasing Electronic Products

All our electronic products must be purchased online on this website using an online account that you have created.
Virginia CLE® has several types of products that are purchased and accessed online, including: These products are not subject to sales tax, and of course there is no shipping charge, so purchasers save $9 or more by selecting these formats.

Webcast Information

Webcasts participants will be emailed links to the webcast and the written materials the day before the webcast or by 10:00am the morning of the webcast.
  • If you purchase a webcast after 2:00pm the day before a webcast,, you may not receive another email; however, the link to launch the webcast will be at the bottom of your order confirmation email.
  • You may also launch the webcast by logging into your online account, browsing to your My Account page, and then clicking the LAUNCH button for the webcast.

On Demand Seminar and Electronic Publication Information – Accessing Your Products

  1. Follow this link to log in with your user name and password.
  2. Follow the My Account link near the top right corner of the webpage.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page for a list of your products.
  4. Select the LAUNCH or DOWNLOAD button to the right of the desired product.
    • On Demand seminars have a LAUNCH button and can be accessed until their expiration date. (The removal date is listed next to the LAUNCH button.)
    • Downloadable publications have a DOWNLOAD button and can be downloaded for three months from date of purchase.

    NOTE: You may access on demand seminars as many times as you like until they are removed from the site. However, you may only receive MCLE credit for on demand seminars once.

    screenshot of My Products page

  5. For on demand seminars, follow the directions on the left side of the screen. To access the downloadable audio version of your on demand seminar, scroll down and select the buttons for the segments you wish to download.
  6. Audio codes are randomly embedded in each video segment. Please make note of these codes in the order they are given. You will enter these codes on the Certificate Page to generate your certificate after you complete the course.

    screenshot of seminar launch page

  7. For downloadable publications, save the PDF to your computer.

Download Speed and PDF Information

Downloadable files are in PDF format. Some of these files are rather large and can take a while to download if you have a slow Internet connection speed. Purchasers need Adobe® Reader to view Virginia CLE® downloadable products. That program can be downloaded free of charge at www.adobe.com.

Follow this link to download a free PDF with tips on searching and otherwise making effective use of PDF files.

Some downloadable publications include Microsoft® Word documents. You will need version 6 or later of Adobe® Reader to access the tips and the word processing forms.

Downloadable publications are available for three months from date of purchase. If you need access to your purchased downloadable publication after this period, please email vacle@vacle.org.

Copyright Information

Virginia CLE® electronic products (CD-ROM, USB Flash Drive, and downloads) are protected by copyright law and are licensed to individuals only. They must be treated in the same way as the print editions of books and seminar materials. They may not be copied, made accessible on a computer network, or otherwise shared by electronic or optical means. No derivative works may be made, but the purchaser may electronically copy short passages of PDFs to include in memoranda, briefs, and similar documents. Virginia CLE® downloadable publications are not returnable or refundable. For information about electronic seminar refunds, follow this link.

Follow this link to view a sample electronic book (it may take several moments to download).