42nd Annual Family Law Seminar 2023 (On Demand Seminar)

MCLE Credits: 6.0
Ethics Credits Included: 1.0

MCLE Credit: 6.0 (Ethics: 1.0)
Live-Interactive Credit: 0.0
Designation Credit: 6.0 Divorce and Family Law, 1.0 Ethics
(Designations Information)
GAL for Children CE Credit: 6.0 (GAL Information)
Price: $309 (Includes a downloadable audio version.)
Viewable Through: 08/31/2024


A pre-recorded streaming VIDEO replay from the October 2023 live seminar, 42nd Annual Family Law.

Cosponsored with the Family Law Section of the Virginia State Bar

Family law is an ever-changing area that represents the majority of the civil cases heard by Virginia Circuit Courts. For more than 40 years, this program, cosponsored with the Family Law Section of the Virginia State Bar, has kept Virginia family law attorneys up to date on new developments in the law. The seminar features an outstanding faculty and includes six hours of CLE credit with material ranging from annual legislative and case law updates to specific programs on the most pressing family law matters.

This year’s topics include:

  • Bi-annual case law and legislative updates
  • An ethics session on an attorney’s obligations when drafting pleadings
  • An in-depth discussion on dealing with digital evidence
  • Best practices in preparing for trial
  • An overview of using medical records in litigation
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Bi-annual Case Law Update
Craig W. Sampson

A thorough review of significant family law cases affecting Virginia attorneys from the past six months.

Bi-annual Legislative Update
Daniel L. Gray

A comprehensive summary of the status of recent legislative changes affecting family law in Virginia.

Medical Records as Evidence: What You Need to Know Before Requesting or Sharing Them
Nanda Davis, Hon. David Carson, Mollie Elder, Dr. Suzanne Baldwin

In this panel discussion, we will hear from a judge, a therapist, and an attorney who represents medical practitioners about requesting medical records and the limits on confidentiality protections. What are the various ways to obtain medical and therapeutic records? What are the rules regarding redisclosure of medical records? What do judges consider when they rule on motions to quash record subpoenas? And from the therapist’s perspective, how does the release of records affect the therapist-patient relationship?
Digital Evidence: Preservation, Authenticity, and Objections
Nanda E. Davis, Melanie Peters

From text messages to social media posts, digital evidence can make or break your case. What duties do lawyers have in instructing their clients to preserve such evidence? How do you know the evidence is real and not doctored? How do you lay the proper foundation to introduce digital evidence at trial? And what objections can you make when such evidence is offered against your client?

Best Practices in Trial Preparation
Rich Garriott

This session will explore what a family law attorney needs to be aware of at a trial court level to prepare a successful appeal.
Can You Really Say That? Ethical Considerations in Family Law Pleadings
Barry J. Waldman, Esq.

This session will discuss the Rules of Professional Conduct and Legal Ethics Opinions that govern a practitioner’s ethical obligations when drafting pleadings and apply them to a number of scenarios and hypotheticals.



Hon. David Carson / Roanoke Circuit Court
Nanda E. Davis, Davis Law Practice PLLC / Roanoke
Mollie Elder, Woods Rogers Vandeventer Black PLC / Roanoke
Rich Garriott, Garriott Maurer, PLLC / Virginia Beach
Daniel L. Gray, Cooper Ginsberg Gray PLLC / Fairfax
Melanie Peters, Weaver Law Firm PC / Roanoke
Craig W. Sampson, Barnes & Diehl, PC / Richmond
Barry J. Waldman, Waldman & Associates PLLC / Fredericksburg


Sarah J. Knapp, ShounBach / Fairfax

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