Real-Life Ethical Issues in Everyday Tax Practice (from Annual Virginia Conference on Federal Taxation 2023) (On Demand Seminar)

MCLE Credits: 1.5
Ethics Credits Included: 1.5

MCLE Credit: 1.5 (Ethics: 1.5)
Live-Interactive Credit: 0.0
Price: $119 (Includes a downloadable audio version.)
Viewable Through: 4/30/2026


A pre-recorded streaming VIDEO replay of one session from the June 2023 live seminar, 74th Annual VIRGINIA Conference on Federal Taxation.

Virginia’s Premier Tax Conference for Attorneys and Accountants Sponsored by The Virginia Tax Foundation

Tax practitioners of all varieties are often confronted by ethical quandaries—although we might not recognize them immediately. And even when we do, the number and variety of potentially applicable rules can be bewildering. This presentation will cover a number of common situations and issues, discuss the rules applicable to them, and give some pointers for avoiding problems. Topics will include conflicts (under Rule 1.7 and related provisions of both the ABA Model Rules and the Virginia Rules of Professional Conduct; and Section 10.29 of Circular 230); competence and due diligence, especially in return preparation and the correction of errors (Model/VA Rules 1.1, 1.3; Cir. 230 secs. 10.21, 10.22, 10.34, 10.35, 10.37; Internal Revenue Code section 6694; and AICPA’s SSTS 1 and 6); fee arrangements (Rule 1.5; Cir. 230 sec. 10.27); and confidentiality and privileges (Rules 1.6; Code secs. 7216, 7525).

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Christopher S. Rizek, Caplin & Drysdale / Washington, DC

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