41st Annual Real Estate Practice Seminar 2023 (On Demand Seminar)

MCLE Credits: 7.5
Ethics Credits Included: 2.5

MCLE Credit: 7.5 (Ethics: 2.5)
Live-Interactive Credit: 0.0
Designation Credit: 7.5 Real Estate, 2.5 Ethics
(Designations Information)
Price: $349 (Includes a downloadable audio version.)
Viewable Through: 02/29/2024


A pre-recorded streaming VIDEO replay from the May 2023 live seminar, 41st Annual Real Estate Practice.

Cosponsored with the Real Property Section of the Virginia State Bar

Now in its 41st year, Virginia CLE®’s Annual Real Estate Practice Seminar continues to set the standard for currency and quality in continuing legal education for real estate practitioners. Whether you have an established real estate practice or are a general practitioner who occasionally encounters real estate issues, this program is for you.

Topics this year include:

  • Real estate case law and statutory law—essential updates
  • Real estate brokers and agents—current laws, regulations, and governing statutes
  • Foreclosures—recent changes
  • Ethics for the real estate attorney
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Virginia’s Real Estate Case Law Update
Michael Derdeyn, Christy L. Murphy

Materials on all real estate–related cases in the past year with a presentation highlighting the top cases.
Virginia’s Real Estate Legislative Update
Lucia Anna Trigiani, David S. Mercer

Learn what has passed and what is on the horizon for next year.
Everyday Real Estate Ethics
Kay Creasman

The Real Property Section of the VSB undertook a review of all Legal Ethics Opinions to determine what applies specifically to real estate, what is outdated, and what is valid in our current time. That project is still being processed. This session will review a small portion of the results dealing with conflict of interest, duty to disclose, multiple representation, and unrepresented parties. We will cover numerous LEOs including 1564 and 1742, as well as Rules of Professional Conduct 1.1 (competence), 1.7, 1.8, 1.9 (conflict of interest), 1.15 (safekeeping property), and 4.3 (dealing with unrepresented persons).

Representing Real Estate Brokers and Agents
Mike Lafayette

Many of us interact with agents during transactions. This session will be a primer on the laws, regulations, and statutes that govern their practice.

Update on Foreclosure Laws
Vanessa Steltenpohl Carter

Foreclosures come up in many title searches. This session will cover recent changes in the law related to foreclosure.

Interpleader Actions: What to Do with Money That Doesn’t Belong to You
Leonard C. Tengco, Lindsey Kelly

Holding onto other people's money is like playing hot potato: if you don't pass it along quickly enough, you could end up burning yourself. An interpleader is one tool that attorneys, real estate professionals, and fiduciaries can use to prevent that from happening. This session will cover interpleader actions, including procedural aspects of Va. Code § 8.01-364, situations they can be used, and rights of claimants to disputed funds. It will also cover Rule 1.15 of the Rules of Professional Conduct (safekeeping property), real estate professionals' statutory and fiduciary obligations regarding funds in their custody, and the consequences of mishandling money that doesn't belong to you.



Vanessa Steltenpohl Carter, Woods Rogers Vandeventer Black PLC / Norfolk
Kay M. Creasman, Old Republic National Title Company / Richmond
Michael E. Derdeyn, Flora Pettit / Charlottesville
Michael P. Lafayette, Lafayette, Ayers & Whitlock, PLC / Glen Allen
Lindsey Kelly, Langley Federal Credit Union / Carrollton
David S. Mercer, MercerTrigiani LLP / Alexandria
Christy L. Murphy, Bischoff Martingayle, PC / Norfolk
Leonard C. Tengco, Pesner Altmiller Melnick DeMers & Steele PLC / Tysons
Lucia Anna Trigiani, MercerTrigiani LLP / Alexandria


Santiago Montalvo, Virginia REALTORS® / Richmond
Heather R. Steele, Pesner Altmiller Melnick DeMers & Steele PLC / Tysons

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