47th Annual Advanced Business Law Conference 2021: Back to Business as Unusual—Legal Issues Impacting Businesses in 2021 (That Have Nothing to Do with COVID-19) (USB Seminar)

MCLE Credits: 8.0
Ethics Credits Included: 0.0

MCLE Credit: 8.0 (Ethics: 0.0)
Live-Interactive Credit: 0.0
Price: $389 - USB with electronic materials
Available Through: 08/31/2024


A pre-recorded video replay of the September 2021 live seminar, 47th Annual Advanced Business Law Conference 2021: Back to Business as Unusual—Legal Issues Impacting Businesses in 2021 (That Have Nothing to Do with COVID-19) 

Topics covered include:

  • Data Privacy and Your Business
  • Valuing Diversity and Recognizing Implict Bias
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Government Contracting and Small Businesses
  • International Essentials for Domestic Business Lawyers

Cosponsored with the Business Law Section of the Virginia State Bar

Virginia’s Premier Business Law Program

This conference is designed to provide business lawyers with an in-depth, advanced-level overview of the legal and business considerations in structuring the ownership, governance, and capital raising of startup and emerging companies. The presenters include small- and large-firm attorneys experienced in forming, restructuring, and assisting early-stage and growth companies in founder and employee equity terms and venture capital financings. Basic and some more detailed model practice forms are provided.




Autumn Visser, Principal, Woods Rogers PLC
Data Privacy and Your Business—Virginia’s Data Privacy Laws and How They Impact Your Clients
Moderator: Karl Knoll, General Counsel & Data Protection Officer, Clarabridge


  • Gerry Stegmaier, Reed Smith
  • Mark Quist, Reed Smith
  • Todd Harris, Womble Bond Dickinson

While comprehensive federal law discussions continue, states have acted. The Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act (VCDPA) makes Virginia the second state in the nation to have sweeping data privacy legislation. Colorado followed quickly, becoming the third with a new privacy law of its own. Our discussion will include comparative considerations for each of these laws as well as practical tips and considerations to flexibly adapt and plan for an emerging state patchwork of laws. Although the VCDPA becomes effective January 1, 2023, there is no reason for clients/companies to wait to start on a compliance plan. Some of the steps that national or international businesses may have taken to comply with CCPA and/or GDPR will give them a leg up, but may not be sufficient for compliance with VCDPA. Other clients/companies may be starting from scratch. This session showcases how all Virginia businesses should begin the process of analyzing data and taking the steps to being compliant, and how your internal compliance policies should (and will) impact customer and vendor relationships and contract terms. In addition, our discussion will explore how the VCDPA may impact transactional practice, including M&A and commercial deals. We will also compare the VCDPA with Europe’s GDPR, California’s CCPA, and Colorado’s CPRA and provide suggestions on programs and steps companies can take to become compliant with each of these privacy laws and be well situated to efficiently deal with future privacy laws that will inevitably come our way.

Valuing Diversity and Recognizing Implicit Bias

  • Patice Holland, Principal, Woods Rogers PLC
  • Leah Stiegler, Associate, Woods Rogers PLC

Everyone has a bias. We like one thing over another—a big city vs. a small city, one TV show or another, cupcakes vs. cookies—and often with a valid reason. But when it comes to what is known specifically as implicit bias, preference turns into certain attitudes or thoughts where the result is being unaware or mistaken in decision-making without realizing the decision is wrong. In today’s environment where media and culture often perpetuate stereotypes, how do you check yourself and your team for implicit bias?

This session will help lawyers identify risk areas where implicit biases may affect important decisions and behaviors.

Business Succession Planning—An Old Topic Gets a 21st Century Makeover


  • Steve Keeler, Keeler PLC
  • Carroll Hurst, Keiter CPAs
  • John Dickinson, Dickinson Williams & Company
  • Jonathan Brabrand, Transact Capital Partners

“Business succession” planning used to be the purview of tax, estate planning, and family business lawyers, with the help of insurance, ESOP, and other consultants. The focus was often on tax-efficient preservation of ownership and management control of the business. Today, “exit planning” consultants and a constantly changing M&A environment are encouraging business owners to consider outside capital, possibly a company sale, and a variety of options in between. This session will provide a framework for developing a business succession plan in a dynamic business environment. The presenters will share their experience and insights that, while ownership and management continuity are important, an effective and flexible business succession plan should be designed to enhance company value, encourage a periodic review of all strategic options, and build in the flexibility to pursue the right strategic options when circumstances, opportunities, and timing warrant a change in direction.

Government Contracting—Navigating the Minefield: An Expert Panel Discussion on Emerging and Recurring Issues for Small Business Government Contractors


  • Kenneth Brody, David, Brody & Dondershine, LLP
  • Paul Hawkins, Reaves Coley, PLLC
  • Robert E. Korroch, Williams Mullen / Norfolk, VA
  • Brad Reaves, Reaves Coley, PLLC

A dedicated government contracting focus is a great way for any business to grow, especially when their “traditional” lines of business may have slowed or experienced a disruption. Our panel of experienced practitioners will focus in on the specific issues of most concern to small business contractors and subcontractors, whether they are new to government contracting or are veterans in this challenging field. The discussion will include issues like teaming agreements and joint ventures, prime contract “flowdown” provisions, small business set aside rules, mentor-protégé arrangements, and affiliation rules.

International Essentials for Domestic Business Lawyers


  • Michael P. Daly, Associate, JonesDay
  • John M. Huddle, CEO & Founder, The Global Law Group, PLC

The world has become a small place! Even our smallest domestic clients frequently encounter issues with “international” legal implications, and the needs of many of our clients in this regard are complex and evolving rapidly. We are painfully aware of how many of our clients as well as their service providers have been profoundly impacted in recent years by extreme tariffs and other significant shifts in global policy and enforcement initiatives, IPR challenges, and supply chain disruptions caused by COVID and compounded by those political and regulatory dynamics. Likewise, the challenge of staying abreast of new opportunities related to new or evolving free trade agreements and global business challenges demands informed and proactive strategies. Effective issue-spotting capabilities and access to subject matter experts in this field are essential for today’s business attorneys and in-house counsel. This session is intended to provide practical insights and strategies, with particular emphasis on recent developments and important transactional and compliance considerations, to improve our effectiveness in this regard and will also address expectations for trade policy and regulatory initiatives under the Biden administration.



Steven L. Brinker, Crenshaw, Ware & Martin, PLC / Norfolk
William A. Burke, Assistant General Counsel, ADS, Inc. / Virginia Beach
Lindsey A. Carney, Patten, Wornom, Hatten & Diamonstein LC / Newport News
Matthew A. Clary, III, Law Offices of Matthew A. Clary, III / Fairfax
John M. Huddle, The Global Law Group, PLC / Richmond
Brent Justus, McGuireWoods LLP / Richmond
Steven J. Keeler (Chair), Keeler PLC / Charlottesville
Karl T. Knoll, Clarabridge, Inc. / Reston
Autumn R. Visser, Woods Rogers PLC / Roanoke


Jonathan Brabrand, Transact Capital Partners / Glen Allen
Kenneth Brody, David, Brody & Dondershine, LLP / Reston
Michael Daly, JonesDay / Washington, DC
John Dickinson, Dickinson Williams & Company / Richmond
Todd Harris, Womble Bond Dickinson LLP / Tysons
Paul Hawkins, Reaves Coley PLLC / Chesapeake
Patice Holland, Woods Rogers PLC / Roanoke
John M. Huddle, The Global Law Group, PLC / Richmond
Carroll Hurst, Keiter CPAs / Glen Allen
Steven J. Keeler, Keeler PLC / Charlottesville
Karl T. Knoll, Clarabridge, Inc. / Reston
Robert E. Korroch, Williams Mullen / Norfolk, VA
Brad Reaves, Reaves Coley PLLC / Chesapeake
Gerry Stegmaier, Reed Smith LLP / Washington, DC
Leah Stiegler, Woods Rogers PLC / Richmond, Roanoke
Mark Quist, Reed Smith LLP / Washington, DC

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