Great Adverse Depositions—Principles and Principal Techniques

MCLE Credits: 4.0
Ethics Credits Included: 0.0

Thursday, March 25, 10:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. ET
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MCLE Credit: 4.0 (Ethics: 0.0)
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Registration Fee: $229


Why Attend?

  • Presented by Robert Musante—a nationally recognized teacher of deposition skills
  • Learn a “new” paradigm regarding depositions: the intellectually rigorous discipline of deposition cross-examination
  • Explore the logic that is essential to Great Adverse Depositions in this practical and engaging seminar
  • Valuable for even the most experienced litigators

High-quality adverse depositions require the conscious and conscientious application of an integrated set of logical cross-examination rules, THE very set of rules your law schools and law firms should have taught you … but never, ever did! This seminar wastes no time on entry-level wisdom, code chatter, idiosyncratic war stories, or tired maxims. Instead, using video clips from high-profile cross-examinations, it brilliantly teaches how to take adverse depositions as never before … the right way: as an intellectually rigorous discipline.


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COURSE SCHEDULE (March 25) (Eastern Time)

10:00 Session 1
  • Battleships Questions and getting adverse deponent’s story
  • Four nearly-everybody-agrees deposition cross-examination rules
  • Mediocre adverse depositions and the vast majority of litigators
  • The Grand Unified Theory of deposition cross-examination
  • The can't-be-beat reason to abandon the stupidest deposition orthodoxy
  • Whack defined and demonstrated in a high-profile trial cross-examination
  • Seven advantages: deposition cross-examiner vs. trial cross-examiner
  • The most important teachable aspect of civil litigation
  • When to ask leading questions in deposition ... and at trial
  • Getting adverse deponent to “Yes!” on every important issue
12:00 Lunch Break
12:30 Session 2
  • When the truth is not nearly enough
  • Bluffing adverse deponent into an admission
  • Using rhetoric to intensify argument
  • Every deposition cross-examiner's chief flaw
  • Analysis of a superstar litigator's big-time deposition
  • Lead! Rhetoricate! and Reason!
  • Interrogatory-like questions
  • Using universal and nail-down terms
  • Enumeration, looping, and giving deponent a chance to escape
  • An amateur cross-examiner using rhetoric ... and doing it right!
  • Identifying a mediocre deposition in only 60 seconds
  • Conducting interviews vs. taking great adverse depositions
  • Coda
  • Q&A
2:30 Adjourn
  • Q&A will be handled via chat room for Webcast attendees.
  • Q&A will be handled via e-mail for telephone seminar attendees.



Robert Musante / Alamo, CA

Robert Musante is the country’s foremost teacher of deposition cross-examination. He has taught the logic essential to taking great adverse depositions—of fact witnesses and experts—to more than 50,000 litigators in 44 states. He has made in-house presentations to the attorneys-general of 11 states and to the partners and associates of 100+ litigation law firms. For more info, including 1,000s of rave reviews, visit

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