COVID-19 and A Troubled Economy: How to Maintain Lawyer Wellness (On Demand Seminar)

MCLE Credits: 1.0
Ethics Credits Included: 0.0

MCLE Credit: 1.0 (Ethics: 0.0)
Live-Interactive Credit: 0.0
Price: $79 (Includes a downloadable audio version.)
Viewable Through: 06/31/2023


A pre-recorded streaming VIDEO replay of the May 2020 Wellness: COVID-19 and A Troubled Economy—How to Maintain Lawyer Wellness.

In 2020, Virginia lawyers, judges, and law students may take up to two pre-defined wellness courses through the Virginia Law Foundation/Virginia CLE free of charge. These courses have been developed in response to the efforts of the Supreme Court of Virginia and the Virginia Lawyers’ Wellness Initiative. Learn more.

Topics covered:

In MCLE Opinion 19, the MCLE Board “emphasize[d] that programs promoting lawyer well-being may be approvable for CLE credit, so long as other requirements applicable to all CLE programs are met” and then went on to provide some examples of topics approvable for CLE credit. This course specifically focuses on the following topics mentioned in MCLE Opinion 19:

  • Substance abuse
  • Mental health disorders
  • Stress: Sources of stress, recognizing stress, the effects of stress, minimizing stress, and stress avoidance
  • Work/life balance
  • Navigating the practice of law in a healthy manner
  • Burnout, depression, suicide awareness and prevention
  • Enhancement of optimism
  • Promotion of resilience

The effects of “the new normal” vary from lawyer to lawyer, but they include increased alcohol usage, sleeping less, feeling anxious/stressed, having headaches, gaining weight, being distracted at home and unable to focus on their law practice, worrying over finances, being frightened of contracting COVID-19, feeling overwhelmed learning new technologies, feeling lonely or depressed, taking tranquilizers/depression medication/sleeping pills, etc. For many, the most pressing worry is that they will not be able to save their law practice. Our presenters will take you through many of the manifestations of being unwell and offer suggestions and resources to maintain lawyer wellness and competence.

  • Identify evidence-based strategies for preserving positive behavioral health such that competence and fitness to practice are preserved.
  • Recognize signs and symptoms of behavioral health conditions that disproportionately impact the legal profession
  • Locate resources available for those who are dealing with diminished behavioral health wellness during Covid-19.
  • Explain the connection between one's behavioral health and the ability to practice law in accordance with the MRPC
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Graham K. Bryant
, Law Clerk, Supreme Court of Virginia / Richmond

Sharon D. Nelson, Esq., Sensei Enterprises, Inc. / Fairfax

Margaret Hannapel Ogden, Supreme Court of Virginia / Richmond

John W. Simek, Sensei Enterprises, Inc. / Fairfax

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