45th Annual Recent Developments in the Law: News from the Courts and General Assembly 2019 Seminar Materials


This comprehensive, stand-alone publication is direct from a June 2019 seminar.

This program is your best source for current case/legislative news and analysis. Hundreds of research hours have been distilled for you by the experts, with an update in ten different areas of the law.

Topics covered include:

    •Creditors’ and Debtors’ Rights
    •Commercial Law
    •Intellectual Property
    •Taxation Law
    •Estate Planning and Administration
    •Family Law
    •Real Estate Law
    •Criminal Law and Procedure
    •Civil Litigation

Table of Contents

I. Family Law
Colleen M. Haddow

II. Creditors’ and Debtors’ Rights

Tyler P. Brown

III. Commercial Law

David W. Thomas

IV. Intellectual Property

Stephen E. Noona
Lauren T. Rogers

V. Taxation Law
Christopher M. Kozlowski

VI. Estate Planning and Administration

John B. O'Grady

VII. Ethics
Renu M. Brennan

VIII. Real Estate Law

Lucia Anna (Pia) Trigiani

IX. Criminal Law and Procedure
Corinna Lain

X. Civil Litigation

Robert W. Loftin


Renu M. Brennan

Tyler P. Brown

Colleen M. Haddow

Christopher M. Kozlowski

Corinna B. Lain

Robert W. Loftin

Stephen E. Noona

John B. O'Grady

Lauren T. Rogers

David W. Thomas

Lucia Anna “Pia” Trigiani


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