Essentials of Spousal Support in Virginia Seminar Materials

Publication Date: May 2018
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This comprehensive, stand-alone publication is direct from a May 2018 seminar.

Spousal support issues are often some of the most difficult and hotly contested aspects of divorce proceedings. For practitioners, alimony involves ever-evolving case law, statutes to consider, and very specific tax implications. In Virginia, family law attorneys must be aware of the ways in which the courts handle spousal support and the factors that go into a spousal support determination.

Topics covered at this seminar included:

  • Initial consultation and preparation
    • Client consultation about spousal support
    • Negotiation, mediation, and drafting settlement documents
  • Pendente lite spousal support
    • Preparation for a pendente lite support hearing
    • Amount of pendente lite spousal support award
    • Imputation of income
    • Impact of fault
  • Final hearing
    • Income issues
    • Stay-at-home parent considerations
    • Impact of fault
    • Reservation of spousal support
    • Preparation and evidence for the final hearing
  • Modification of spousal support
    • Cohabitation
    • Employment changes
    • Retirement
    • Social security

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Table of Contents

I.    Initial Consultation/Preparation

II.    Pendente Lite Spousal Support

III.   Final Hearing

IV.   Modification of Spousal Support


David L. Ginsberg

Kelly S. Hite


Essentials of Spousal Support in Virginia

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