Essentials of Depositions Seminar Materials

Publication Date: February 2018
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Pages: 40


This comprehensive, stand-alone publication is direct from a February 2018 seminar.

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Table of Contents

I. The Rules

II. The Basics

III. Practice Pointers

IV. Witness Preparation

V. Depositions of Experts

VI. 30(b)(6)/4:5(b)(6) Depositions

Appendix A. Notice to Take Deposition

Appendix B. Notice to Take Video Deposition

Appendix C. Notice of Video Deposition with Exhibit

Appendix D. Rule 30(b)(6) Notice

Appendix E. Rule 4:5(b)(6) Notice


James F. Neale

M. Bryan Slaughter


Essentials of Depositions

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