Essentials of Residential Real Estate Closings Seminar Materials

Publication Date: February 2018
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Pages: 436


This comprehensive, stand-alone publication is direct from a February 2018 seminar.

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Table of Contents

I. Registering as a settlement agent page

II. The sales contract

III. The engagement letter

IV. The role of title insurance

V. The title search and title commitment

VI. The lender’s instructions

VII. Processing the File

VIII. Closing Protection Letters

IX. Financial Details: HUD-1, TRID and the Closing Disclosure, ALTA Settlement Statement

X. The settlement conference and documents: Closing Disclosure and Lender Documents

XI. Post-closing matters: recording, disbursing

XII. Termination letter

XIII. Escrow accounting

XIV. Restraints on marketing & fees

XV. The seller’s side of the transaction

XVI. Selected Rules and Ethics Opinions



Kay M. Creasman

Kevin T. Pogoda


Essentials of Residential Real Estate Closings

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