Essentials of Drafting Wills in Virginia Seminar Materials

Publication Date: April 2018
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This comprehensive, stand-alone publication is direct from an April 2018 seminar.

No matter the level of wealth, every adult citizen in Virginia needs a will to control the disposition of property at death, and to select the person designated to execute his or her wishes. Some surveys show that over 70% of adults have no will or other estate planning documents. Intestacy is not the solution!

This seminar covered important issues in drafting wills and testamentary documents, including:

  • How to draft wills, from start to finish
  • How to assess testamentary capacity
  • How to properly conduct the execution of wills
  • How to protect a will from challenge and litigation
  • Methods to salvage do-it-yourself wills and other seemingly deficient writings

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Table of Contents

Estate Planning Client Asset Information

Sample Letter Pursuant To Legal Ethics Opinion 1515

Engagement Agreement

Simple Will

“Pour-Over” Will


No Contest Provisions

Sample No Contest Provisions

Court Cases

Capacity Issues in Drafting Wills, Deeds and Other Documents

When to Use A Will and When to Use a Trust

How To Salvage a Deficient Will


John T. Midgett

Alison R. Zizzo


Essentials of Drafting Wills in Virginia

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