Trying Drug Cases in Virginia Seminar Materials


This comprehensive, stand-alone publication is direct from an August 2016 seminar.

Drug cases, from simple possession up through manufacture and distribution, are common in the criminal courts throughout Virginia, and nearly every criminal defense attorney has many under his or her belt. Proof of the offense is often relatively simple: was the defendant found in possession of a greater or lesser amount of contraband substance? But complexities abound. Is prosecution warranted in the first instance? How do the federal authorities play a role? Was the search and seizure legal? Is the substance seized truly contraband, e.g., precursors and designed drugs? If convicted, are there alternatives to confinement?

This seminar examined the typical drug case, from its inception to conclusion, noting special laws and applicable procedures. Topics covered include:

  • The latest law and cases involving drug offenses
  • The challenges and opportunities unique to drug offenses
  • Tips and best practices from the government and defense perspectives

Table of Contents

The Drug Control Act

The Crimes and Penalties

What Must Be Proven

Proof of the Controlled Substance

Chain of Custody

Sentencing Specific To Drug Cases

Selected Case Law and Statutes of Interest


Lisa Caruso

Casey Stevens


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