International Destination CLE: Florence

MCLE Credits: 9.0
Ethics Credits Included: 2.0

Live on Site: Friday, November 3 - Friday, November 10 / Florence, Italy
MCLE Credit: 9.0 (Ethics: 2.0)
Live-Interactive Credit: 4.0 Live Interactive MCLE Credit Symbol


The program is offered only as a package, and can be purchased with or without airfare and transfers.

Package price includes:

  • Six nights' accommodation at the Westin Excelsior in Florence.
  • 9 hours of CLE
  • Buffet breakfast daily
  • Two receptions
  • Lunch at the CLE seminar (provided to the attorney only; an attending guest pays an additional fee)

The package does not include:

  • Meals other than listed above
  • Optional tours, and other additions to the package not listed here

For detailed information on this program including a full schedule and details on optional tours, please visit our special website at

Please be sure to review the Terms and Conditions, specifically the Cancellation and Refund Policy.


In accordance with the hotel’s contract, we have had to establish a registration deadline of May 15 for the Florence package. Although we will continue to accept registrations after May 15, the package cost will be subject to the hotel and airline availability at the time of registration.

Those choosing to pay by check must use the pay-by-check registration form and mail it to us with your check included.

For those planning to pay by credit card, you may register online, by calling us at (800) 979-8253, or by using the pay-by-credit card registration form and mailing or faxing the form to us.


Single Occupancy, No Airfare, Full Payment — $3,800
Single Occupancy, No Airfare, Installments — $3,800
Double Occupancy, No Airfare, Full Payment — $4,925
Double Occupancy, No Airfare, Installments — $4,925

Single Occupancy, Plus Airfare, Full Payment — $4,850
Single Occupancy, Plus Airfare, Installments — $4,850
Double Occupancy, Plus Airfare, Full Payment —$7,075
Double Occupancy, Plus Airfare, Installments —$7,075


A payment of $2,500 is required at the time of registration, regardless of your method of payment. You may pay the entire cost at registration if you choose. The entire cost is otherwise due by July 31, 2017.

  • If paying by check, you can expect to receive an invoice or other reminder in advance of July 31.
  • If paying by credit card, our extended payment plans depend on whether you are registering at our website, or by using the registration form that you’ve mailed or faxed to us.

Online Registration: If you register online, you may choose to pay in installments. If you choose this option, your credit card will be charged $2,500 immediately.

  • If you register before May 1, the balance will be automatically charged to your credit card in two equal installments on May 31 and July 31.
  • If registering after May 1, the balance will be charged to your credit card in two equal installments on June 30 and July 31.
  • If registering after June 1, the entire balance will be charged to your credit card on July 31.
  • If registering after July 1, the installment plan will not be available, and the entire amount will be charged at registration.

By Registration Form: The only extended payment option is for a single payment of the balance on July 31. On the form, you may choose whether to receive an invoice for the balance in advance of July 31, or to request that we charge the same credit card used for your initial payment on July 31. If registering after July 31, the entire amount will be charged with the registration.


This program requires Virginia CLE® to make significant financial commitments well in advance of the trip to the hotel, airline, and others to ensure their availability when we arrive.  These commitments are often non-refundable, or become so after a certain date, and are based on the number of participants who have registered with us. Following is the maximum to be forfeited should you decide to cancel your registration:

April 3 – July 30, 2017:

$2,000 per room

July 31 – August 31, 2017:

$3,900 per room

September 1, 2017 or later:

No refund

Virginia CLE® and Tour Plan International will strive to recover the most we can from our contractors, and will share those proceeds proportionately with those who cancel, and so the amounts forfeited above may be less, but will not be more.




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