Cell Phone Forensics and Laws Governing Electronic Equipment and Communication (from Annual Family Law 2016) (Online Seminar)

MCLE Credits: 2.0
Ethics Credits Included: 0.0

MCLE Credit: 2.0 (Ethics: 0.0)
Live-Interactive Credit: 0.0
Price: $140 (Includes a downloadable audio version.)
Viewable Through: 9/30/2019


A pre-recorded streaming video replay of two sessions from the October 2016 live seminar, 35th Annual Family Law Seminar.

Cosponsored with the Family Law Section of the Virginia State Bar

This seminar is an exploration of the capabilities of cell phone forensics covering the many types of information that can be recovered from cell phones, and other issues relevant to family law in the current state of cell phone technology. This seminar also covers a review of both civil and criminal laws governing electronic equipment and communication, addressing many topics, to include: the interception of communications, unauthorized computer access, and use of GPS units.





Lars E. Daniel, Guardian Digital Forensics / Raleigh, NC
John Kitzmann, Davidson & Kitzmann, PLC / Charlottesville


Susan M. Butler, ShounBach / Fairfax
Steven L. Raynor, Raynor & Farmer, P.C. / Charlottesville


Daniel L. Gray, Cooper Ginsberg Gray / Fairfax
Steven L. Raynor, Raynor & Farmer, P.C. / Charlottesville

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