Gun Trusts and Gun Law 2016 Seminar Materials

Publication Date: October 2016
Available Formats: Searchable PDF via immediate download, CD-ROM, or USB Flash Drive - Print version is sold out
Pages: 212


Topics Covered:

  • Federal and State Firearms Law Overview
  • Gun Trust Planning
  • Drafting Gun Trusts
  • Ethical Issues in Firearms Planning

This comprehensive, stand-alone publication is direct from an October 2016 seminar.

Transfers of every type of firearm present substantial legal issues. Well-drafted gun trusts offer safeguards to the possibility of inadvertent and accidental felonious behavior by gun owners themselves, and after death by their beneficiaries and their trustees. Key drafting elements and options of gun trust planning, including the new ATF regulation 41F, are discussed.

Table of Contents

I. Perspective

II. Overview

III. State Law Concerns

IV. Gun Trust Planning

V. Drafting Gun Trusts

VI. Drafting Gun Trusts – Case Studies

VII. Disability and Estate Administration Issues

VIII. Ethical Issues: Counseling Clients in Possession of Unregistered Firearms

IX. Review

X. Appendix


C. Dennis Brislawn, Jr.

William A. Conway

William J. Ryan

Stephen P. Halbrook

Kent Smith


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