25th Annual Advanced Elder Law Update Seminar Materials

Publication Date: September 2016
Available Formats: Print and Searchable PDF via immediate download, CD-ROM, or USB Flash Drive
Pages: 234


Topics Covered:

  • Keep up to date on the new cases, legislation, and regulations
  • A new look for the Augmented Estate Claim?
  • Elder law income tax minefield — residences, gifts, dependents, basis, and more
  • Disabled Military Child Protection Act
  • Medicaid and real estate strategies
  • Non-guardianship medical orders — really, how?
  • Ethics, ethics, ethics — how to make referrals to other lawyers, accountants, others

This comprehensive, stand-alone publication is direct from a September 2016 seminar.

The topics are covered by well-respected attorneys in the elder law field who can guide you through the challenges you face or probably will face, whether in running your office in a manner to provide the best legal service to your clients or in understanding the newest changes in the laws and products.

Table of Contents

I. Elder Law Recent Developments: Virginia Statutory, Judicial, and
Administrative Law

R. Shawn Majette

II. ‘Til Death Do We Part(ner): A New Look for the Elective Share Claim
John T. Midgett

III. Elder Law Income Tax Minefield
Neil L. Rose

IV. Disabled Military Child Protection Act
Kelly A. Thompson

V. Real Property and Crisis Medicaid Qualification
Susan I. Jean, Jennifer D. Kahl

VI. Those Other Medical Orders — Non-guardianship Medical and Psychiatric
Consent Proceedings

R. Shawn Majette

VII. The Ethics of Referrals in Elder Law
Robert Haley


John T. Midgett

Neil L. Rose

Kelly A. Thompson

Susan I. Jean

Jennifer D. Kahl

R. Shawn Majette

Robert Haley


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