What Every Virginia Lawyer Needs to Know About the IRS and the Virginia Department of Taxation Seminar Materials

Publication Date: November 2015
Available Formats: Searchable PDF via immediate download
Pages: 168


Topics Covered:

  • How the IRS Operates
  • IRS Collection Weapons
  • Make a Deal with the IRS
  • Dealing with an IRS Audit
  • Personal and Business Tax Traps

This comprehensive, stand-alone publication is direct from a November 2015 seminar.

Sooner or later, almost every Virginia lawyer has clients who run into, and up against, the IRS or the Virginia Department of Taxation. This publication will give you basic concepts and practical, issue-driven techniques for successfully dealing with both.

Table of Contents

Section 1: How the IRS Operates

Section 2: IRS Collection Weapons

Section 3: Make a Deal with the IRS

Section 4: Dealing with an IRS Audit

Section 5: Personal and Business Tax Traps


Robert G. Nath


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