Estate Planning Bootcamp 2015 Seminar Materials

Publication Date: November 2015
Available Formats: Searchable PDF via immediate download, CD-ROM, or USB Flash Drive
Pages: 569


  • Learn a basic approach to planning a client’s estate
  • Review the basic documents used in an estate plan
  • Discover the conflicts and other pitfalls inherent in this area of practice
  • Includes practice tips, checklists, and sample documents

This comprehensive, stand-alone publication is direct from a November 2015 seminar. This publication is recommended for lawyers with minimal background in estate planning, as well as for experienced lawyers looking for a systematic review. It provides a step by step guide from the initial contact with a client to the moment they sign their documents and you close the file.

The authors set forth the basic law, present working concepts and planning suggestions, and provide a brief introduction to more advanced tax concepts that trigger sophisticated estate planning. They also share the practices experienced estate planners use to establish client relationships built on trust.

Table of Contents

I. William L. Babcock, Jr.


    A. Initial telephone call with prospective client
    B. Document update letter
    C. First appointment letter
    D. Estate Planning Questionnaire
    E. Assets form
    F. Fiduciaries information form
    G. Letter forwarding draft documents
    H. Durable Financial Power of Attorney
    I. Advance Medical Directive
    J. Health Care Power of Attorney
    K. Will for married client - outright gifts
    L. Notarial form
    M. International Notarial form
    N. Estate Planning Worksheets for simple Will
    O. Per Stirpes Illustrations
    P. Trust for Descendants Illustration
    Q. Will for married client - outright to spouse, trusts for descendants
    R. Trusts for Descendants Operating Manual
    S. Will v. revocable Trust
    T. Blended Family Estate Plans Illustration
    U. Estate Planning Worksheets for revocable Trust
    V. Pour over Will for married client
    W. Revocable Trust for married client - marital trust, trusts for descendants
    X. Ethics Disclosure Letter
    Y. Letter enclosing signed documents
    Z. Assignment of Tangible Personal Property
    AA. Tangibles Memos
    BB. Beneficiary designation for retirement account
    CC. Trust Memo
    DD. Trust Certifications
    EE. Deed to Trustee
    FF. 30 day reminder letter
II. John T. Midgett


    A. Will & Trusts Outline
    B. Ethics Outline

    A. Client Asset Information
    B. Engagement Agreement
    C. When to Use a Will
    D. Simple Will
    E. Pour-Over Will
    F. Single RLT
    G. Joint Revocable Trust
    H. Married Trust – General Power of Appointment
    I. Married Trust – QTIP
    J. Codicil
    K. Amendment to Joint Trust
    L. Durable POA
    M. Durable HCPOA
    N. Deed of Gift
    O. Funding the RLT
    P. Thank You Letter – Trust
    Q. CYA Letter – Married
    R. Section 2503 Trust
    S. Advanced Estate Planning Techniques
    T. Leo 1515 Disclosure
    U. No Contest Clause


William L. Babcock, Jr.

John T. Midgett


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