After the Winning Verdict Seminar Materials

Publication Date: August 2015
Available Formats: Searchable PDF via immediate download
Pages: 47


Topics Covered:

  • Between Verdict and Entry of the Judgment Order
  • The Judgment Order
  • You Are Getting Paid!!!
  • You Are Not Getting Paid!!
  • Bonus Information

This comprehensive, stand-alone publication is direct from an August 2015 seminar that covered key topics in employment law.

The plaintiff has been awarded damages. Now what? Explore the many steps between being awarded monetary damages and actually receiving the money. Understand the intricacies of liens and other claims on the award. Learn what to do when the defendant doesn’t pay the award.

Table of Contents

I. Between Verdict and Entry of the Judgment Order

A. Polling the Jury

B. Motion to Set Aside the Verdict (judgment non obstante
veredicto—Latin is fun!)

C. Motion for New Trial

D. Remittitur—Booo!

E. Additur—Yeah!

II. The Judgment Order

A. Get it entered!

B. Start Defendant’s appeal clock

C. Post-verdict settlements

III. You Are Getting Paid!!!

A. Court Approval?

B. Liens

C. Assignments

D. Future medical expense considerations

E. Structuring the Payment

F. Releasing the Judgement

IV. You Are Not Getting Paid!!

A. Docketing the Judgment

B. Collection efforts

V. Bonus Information!!

A. Maximizing Insurance Coverage



Elliott M. Buckner

T. Vaden Warren Jr.


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