Virginia Civil Practice Forms

Virginia Civil Practice Forms
Publication Date: 2021
Electronic Forms: 400+
Available Formats: Download, USB Flash Drive or CD-ROM with embedded Microsoft Word forms. A  two-volume print compilation of all forms is included.
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  • Adoptions
  • Appeals
  • Attorney Fees
  • Limited Liability Companies and Other Business Entities
  • Civil Discovery
  • Contracts
  • Elder Law
  • Estate and Trust Planning and Administration
  • Family Law
  • Foreclosures
  • Guardians for Incapacitated Persons
  • Obtaining Medical Records
  • Pro Hac Vice Appearances
  • Real Estate

“With the 2021 edition of Virginia Civil Practice Forms, you can start the process of building a motion, proposed order, discovery demand, agreement, or correspondence. While no compilation of forms can anticipate every nuance encountered in representing a client in a particular case, these forms combine legal requirements with actual experience to provide attorneys with examples of many of the pleadings and other documents needed in civil practice.” - Peter Roane, Virginia CLE Editor in Chief

Forms are drawn from Virginia CLE publications, seminar materials, or are based on forms in the Virginia Code or Rules of Court.

You will receive both the ebook in pdf format and a print edition. The ebook contains forms downloadable in Word format, which can then be tailored to your specific matter. The ebook is keyword searchable and easy to navigate.

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Table of Contents


1. Adoption-Agency Placements

2. Adoption-Stepparents and Close Relatives

3. Adoption-Parental Placement

4. Adoption-Adults

5. Adoption-Interstate

6. Adoption-Intercountry

7. Adoption-Indian Child Welfare Act

8. Appeals-Bonds

9. Attorney-Client Relationship

10. Attorney Fees, Costs, and Expenses

11. Attorneys - Pro Hac Vice Appearance

12. Business Entities

13. Discovery and Depositions

14. Contracts

15. Elder Law

16. Estate and Trust Administration

17. Estate Planning

18. Family Law-Attorney Fees

19. Family Law-Cooperative and Collaborative Law

20. Family Law-Discovery

21. Family Law-Marital Agreements

22. Guardians for Incapacitated Persons

23. Medical Records

24. Real Estate - Deeds

25. Real Estate - Foreclosures




1.1    Cover Letter To Agency

1.2    Cover Letter For Petition

1.3    Verified Petition For Adoption

1.4    Order Of Reference

1.5    Final Order Of Adoption

1.6    Interlocutory Order

1.7    Final Order Of Adoption After Interlocutory Order

1.8    Motion To Waive Report Of Investigation

1.9    Final Order Of Adoption With Waiver Of Report

1.10    Self-Authenticating Affidavit Of Identity Pursuant To Section 63.2-1202(K

1.11    Birth Parent Recommended Placement, Election, Waiver, And Verification

1.12    Adoptive Parent Recommended Agency Placement Verification


2.1    Cover Letter To Circuit Court

2.2    Petition For Adoption

2.3    Consent To Adoption By Birth Father

2.4    Affidavit That Birth Father Is Unknown

2.5    Consent Of Minor 14 Years Of Age Or Older

2.6    Order Of Reference

2.7    Final Order Of Adoption

2.8    Petition For Adoption Of A Close Relative

2.9    Consent Under Oath To Adoption Of Close Relative

2.10    Final Order Of Adoption Of A Close Relative


3.1    Parental Placement Adoption Checklist

3.2    Power Of Attorney And HIPAA Compliant Medical Authorization

3.3    Cover Letter For Petition In Juvenile And Domestic Relations District Court

3.4    Petition For Consent Hearing In Juvenile And Domestic Relations District Court

3.5    Motion And Order For Appointment Of Guardian Ad Litem

3.6    Out-Of-Court Consent Of Birth Father

3.7    Birth Father’s Denial Of Paternity

3.8    Notice Letter To Putative Birth Father

3.9    Notice Letter To Nonputative Birth Father

3.10    Notice Of Hearing To Nonputative Birth Father

3.11    Certification By Social Worker

3.12    Birth Mother’s Consent To Adoption And Affidavit Of Paternity

3.13    Order Accepting Consents And Transferring

3.14    Cover Letter For Circuit Court Petition For Adoption

3.15    Circuit Court Petition For Adoption

3.16    Circuit Court Interlocutory Order

3.17    Cover Letter To Circuit Court With Final Order Of Adoption

3.18    Circuit Court Final Order Of Adoption


4.1    Circuit Court Petition For Adoption

4.2    Consent Under Oath By Adult Adoptee

4.3    Circuit Court Order Of Reference

4.4    Circuit Court Final Order Of Adoption


5.1    Waiver Of Application Of Virginia Entrustment Laws


6.1    Circuit Court Petition For Adoption

6.2    Order Of Reference

6.3    Circuit Court Final Order Of Adoption After Six Months

6.4    Circuit Court Final Order Of Adoption After 12 Months


7.1    IWCA Consent Form

7.2    ICWA Judicial Certification Form

7.3    Petition To The Juvenile Court To Accept Consent And Transfer Custody

7.4    Juvenile Court Order Confirming Consents And Granting Custody To Adoptive Parents


8.1    Bond for Costs Alone - Appeal of Right From Circuit Court to Court of Appeals (including further appeal to the Supreme Court)

8.2    Bond For Costs and Suspension – Appeal From Circuit Court to Appellate Court

8.3    Bond for Costs Alone Required by Appellate Court on Appeal From Circuit Court

8.4    Bond for Suspension Alone Required by Appellate Court on Appeal From Circuit Court

8.5    Bond for Costs and Suspension Required by Appellate Court on Appeal From Circuit Court

8.6    Additional Bond Required by Appellate Court on Appeal From Circuit Court

8.7    Bond for Costs Alone - Appeal of Right From Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission to Court of Appeals (including further appeal to the Supreme Court)

8.8    Bond for Costs Alone - Required by Supreme Court on Appeal of Right From State Corporation Commission

8.9    Bond for Costs and Suspension - Required by Supreme Court on Appeal of Right From State Corporation Commission

8.10    Form for Execution and Acknowledgment of All Bonds

8.11    Irrevocable Letters of Credit


9.1    Nonengagement Letter

9.2    Representation Agreement

9.3    Engagement Letter

9.4    Engagement Letter – Personal Injury Plaintiff

9.5    Closing Letter


10.1    Attorney Fee Affidavit

10.2    Attorney Fee Affidavit

10.3    Claim for Attorney’s Fees – Contract Basis for Fee Recovery

10.4    Claim for Attorney’s Fees – Statutory Basis for Fee Recovery

10.5    Motion to Bifurcate Proof of Fees from Case in Chief

10.6    Order Granting Bifurcation of Proof of Fees from Case in Chief


11.1    Application to Appear Pro Hac Vice Before a Virginia Tribunal


12.1    Articles Of Incorporation With Indemnity Provisions

12.2    Partnership Agreement

12.3    Articles Of Organization for a Limited Liability Company

12.4    Operating Agreement for a Limited Liability Company With Buy-Sell Provision And Optional Manager-Management Provisions

12.5    Articles Of Organization

12.6    Conversion Of Partnership To Limited Liability Company

12.7    Operating Agreement With Buy-Sell Provision And Optional Manager-Management Provisions

12.8    Articles Of Organization—Single-Member Company

12.9    Sample Operating Statement For Single-Member

12.10    Unanimous Written Consent Of The Members

12.11    Written Consent In Lieu Of Meeting Of The Members

12.12    Written Consent Of A Majority Of The Members

12.13    Unanimous Written Consent Of The Members To Amend The Articles Of Organization

12.14    Unanimous Written Consent Of The Members To Admit New Member

12.15    Appointment Of Proxy

12.16    Appointment Of Irrevocable Proxy

12.17    Articles Of Organization For A Board Of Manager-Managed Company

12.18    Operating Agreement For A Board Of Manager-Managed Company

12.19    Operating Agreement For Estate Planning Purposes

12.20    Incumbency Certificate Or Resolution

12.21    Statement Of Organization For A Single-Member Domestic Professional Limited Liability Company

12.22    Sample Letter of Intent for Acquisition of a Corporate Assets


13.1    Scheduling Order (Basic)

13.2    Scheduling Order (Detailed)

13.3    Uniform Pretrial Scheduling Order

13.4    Sample Interrogatories

13.5    Sample Objections

13.6    Sample Oaths To Be Executed By Responding Party

13.7    Request For Production Of Documents

13.8    Request For Production Of Documents And Things

13.9    Request For Subpoena Duces Tecum

13.10    Request For Permission To Enter Upon Land

13.11    Motion For A Protective Order

13.12    Stipulation Agreement And Protective Order

13.13    Subpoena Duces Tecum (Civil)

13.14    Notice Of Deposition Duces Tecum (Automobile Accident)

13.15    Notice Of Deposition Duces Tecum For Corporate Designee

13.16    Deposition Preparation—Attorney Checklist

13.17    Checklist For A Client's Deposition

13.18    Deposition Preparation-Tips For Witnesses

13.19    Motion For Commission To Take Deposition Out Of State

13.20    Commission Authorizing The Taking Of Out-Of-State Depositions

13.21    Requests for Admission (Plaintiff To Defendant— Liability, Genuineness Of Medical Bills/Records)

13.22    Requests for Admission (Plaintiff To Defendant— Slip-And-Fall In Supermarket, Combining Requests For Admission With Interrogatories And Request For Production)

13.23    Requests For Admission (Plaintiff To Defendant— Genuineness And Reasonableness Of Medical Bills/Records, Combining Requests For Admissions With Interrogatories)

13.24    Memorandum In Support Of Motion To Compel Party Produce Documents And To Supplement Its Interrogatory Responses

13.25    Memorandum In Opposition To Motion To Compel

13.26    Notice of Deposition

13.27    Notice of Video Deposition

13.28    Notice of Video Deposition with Exhibit

13.29    Rule 4:5(b)(6) Notice


14.1    Assignment Clause

14.2    Joint and Several Liability Provision—Note

14.3    Joint and Several Liability Provision—Guaranty

14.4    Joint and Several Liability Provision—Lease

14.5    Joint and Several Liability Provision—Lease

14.6    Several Liability Provision—Loan Agreement

14.7    Several Liability Provision—Stock Purchase Agreement

14.8    Exclusive Patent License Agreement

14.9    License Agreement

14.10    Software License Agreement

14.11    Technology Development Agreement

14.12    Confidentiality Agreement for Product Evaluation

14.13    Proprietary Information, Inventions, and Non-Solicitation Agreement

14.14    Sample International Distribution Agreement With Commentary

14.15    Stock Purchase Agreement

14.16    Real Estate Purchase Agreement

14.17    Purchase and Sale Agreement

14.18    Sample Shareholders’ Agreement With Commentary

14.19    Promissory Note

14.20    Guaranty

14.21    Security Agreement

14.22    Stock Pledge Agreement

14.23    Liquidated Damages Provision (Construction Contract)

14.24    Limitation of Third-Party Benefit Provision

14.25    Severability Provision

14.26    Merger Provision

14.27    Survival Provision

14.28    Complaint—Note and Guaranty

14.29    Complaint—Specific Performance and Damages

14.30    Complex Contract Action



15.1    Elder Law Essential Information Survey

15.2    Guardianship/Conservatorship Essential Information Survey

15.3    Engagement Agreement—Medicaid Planning

15.4    Engagement Agreement—Estate Planning

15.5    Engagement Agreement—Guardianship and/or Conservatorship Appointment

15.6    Letter to Physician for Capacity Determination — Guardianship/Conservatorship Petition

15.7    Letter to Physician for Capacity Determination—Testamentary and POA Execution Capacity

15.8    Disclosure Letter Pursuant To LEO 1515

15.9    Disclosure Statement—Financial Services

15.10    Folstein Mini-Mental Status Exam (Mmse)

15.11    General Durable Power of Attorney

15.12    Consent To Release HIPAA-Protected Information

15.13    Advance Medical Directive

15.14    Trust Provision—Care Of Grantor In Event Of Grantor’s Incapacity

15.15    Petition For Appointment Of Guardian And Conservator

15.16    Order Appointing Guardian Ad Litem

15.17    Notice To Respondent Of Motion For Order Appointing Guardian Ad Litem

15.18    Notice To Family Of Motion For Order Appointing Guardian Ad Litem

15.19    Certificate Of Compliance With Notice Requirement

15.20    Physician’s Evaluation Report

15.21    Affidavit Of Indigence

15.22    Order Of Indigence

15.23    Order Appointing Guardian And Conservator

15.24    Self-Settled Special Needs Trust

15.25    Third-Party Special Needs Trust

15.26    Waiver Of Elective Shares In Spouses’ Estates

15.27    Notice Of Appeal From Denial Of Benefits


16.1    Sample Engagement Letter

16.2    Virginia Small Estate Act Affidavit

16.3    Self-Proving Affidavit

16.4    Self-Proving Affidavit—Alternative Form

16.5    Order of Probate and Qualification

16.6    Stock Power

16.7    Revocable Transfer on Death Deed Pursuant to Section 64.2-635 of the Virginia Code

16.8    Revocation of Transfer on Death Deed Pursuant to Section 64.2-635 of the Virginia Code

16.9    Notice of Intent to File a Statement in Lieu of Settlement of Account

16.10    Claim to an Elective Share Pursuant to Section 64.2-302 of the Virginia Code

16.11    Claim to an Elective Share Pursuant to Section 64.2-308.12 of the Virginia Code

16.12    Claim for Family Allowance

16.13    Appeal from Clerk’s Order

16.14    Complaint to Impeach a Will

16.15    Disclaimer

16.16    Complaint for Aid and Direction

16.17    Report of Debts and Demands

16.18    Motion for Show Cause Order

16.19    Show Cause Order

16.20    Show Cause Order against Distribution

16.21    Order of Distribution of Estate

16.22    Receipt (Tangible Personal Property)

16.23    Receipt (Cash Bequest)

16.24    Refunding Bond

16.25    Declaration of Trust under the Virginia Uniform Custodial Trust Act

16.26    Transfer under the Virginia Uniform Custodial Trust Act

16.27    Custodial Trustee’s Receipt and Acceptance

16.28    Waiver of Compensation


17.1    Initial Letter to Client

17.2    Non-Tax Will for Single Person With Trust for Young Beneficiaries

17.3    Non-Tax Will With Trust for Children

17.4    Will With Special Needs Trust for Disabled Child

17.5    Tax Will With Outright Disposition of Marital Share

17.6    Tax Will With QTIP or General Power of Appointment Marital Trust

17.7    Pour-Over Will

17.8    Codicil

17.9    Non-Tax Trust With Trust for Children

17.10    Tax Trust With QTIP or General Power of Appointment Marital Trust

17.11    Tax Trust With GST Provisions

17.12    Amendment to Trust Agreement

17.13    Life Insurance Trust

17.14    Grandchild’s Trust

17.15    I.R.C. § 2503(c) Trust

17.16    Charitable Remainder Unitrust

17.17    Crummey Trust for the Benefit of a Child of the Grantor

17.18    Memorandum of Understanding Accompanying Power of Attorney

17.19    Durable General Power of Attorney

17.20    Advance Medical Directive; Appointment of Agent for Health Care Decisions; Appointment of Personal Representative to Obtain Health Care Information; Appointment of Agent to Make Anatomical Gifts

17.21    Durable Limited Power of Attorney for Tax Matters

17.22    Agent’s Certification as to Validity of Power of Attorney and Agent’s Authority

17.23    Attorney/Fiduciary Disclosure and Client Consent

17.24    Revocable Transfer On Death Deed Pursuant to Section 64.2 635

17.25    Revocation of Transfer on Death Deed Pursuant to Section 64.2-635 of the Virginia Code

17.26    Self-Proving Certificate With Testator and Witness Signatures

17.27    Self-Proving Certificate Without Testator and Witness Signatures

17.28    Sample Letter Terminating Representation With Estate Planning Client Upon Completion

17.29    Operating Agreement Provisions for Farm and Forest Landowners

17.30    LLC Resolution Authorizing Conservation Easement

17.31    Fiduciary (Executor/Trustee/Power of Attorney) Language Authorizing Farm Powers

17.32    Trust Language Authorizing Trustee to Donate Conservation Easement with Consent of all Beneficiaries

17.33    Digital Estate Information


18.1    Affidavit Submitted with Attached Detailed Statement of Fees and Costs

18.2    Affidavit with Total Time, Fees, and Costs Set Forth in the Body of Affidavit without Detailed Statement of Fees and Costs

18.3    Affidavit with Detailed Statement of Fees and Costs Set Forth in the Body of Affidavit

18.4    Notice of Charging Lien

18.5    Petition To Enforce Attorney’s Charging Lien


19.1    Cooperative Law Process: Participation Agreement

19.2    Collaborative Participation Agreement


20.1    Comprehensive Information Form

20.2    Property Inventory

20.3    Motion for Discovery Regarding Custody

20.4    Order Granting Discovery Regarding Custody

20.5    Motion for Discovery Regarding Visitation

20.6    Order Granting Discovery Regarding Visitation

20.7    Motion for Discovery

20.8    Order Granting Discovery

20.9    Motion for Physical or Mental Examination

20.10    Order for Physical or Mental Examination

20.11    Interrogatories

20.12    Motion for Leave of Court to Serve More Than Thirty Interrogatories

20.13    Order Granting Leave of Court to Serve More Than Thirty Interrogatories

20.14    Answers and Objections to Interrogatories

20.15    Requests for Production of Documents

20.16    Response to Request for Production

20.17    Motion to Compel Responses to Discovery Requests

20.18    Order to Answer Interrogatories and Respond to Request for Production of Documents

20.19    Motion for Sanctions for Noncompliance with Discovery Order

20.20    Order Imposing Sanctions

20.21    Request for Admissions

20.22    Response to Request for Admissions

20.23    Notice of Deposition

20.24    Motion to Compel Answers to Deposition Questions

20.25    Order to Answer Deposition Questions

20.26    Motion to Terminate or Limit Deposition

20.27    Order Granting Motion to Terminate or Limit Deposition

20.28    Request for Subpoena Duces Tecum

20.29    Motion to Quash or Modify Subpoena Duces Tecum

20.30    Order Modifying Subpoena Duces Tecum

20.31    Motion for Protective Order

20.32    Letter Authorizing Financial Institution to Disclose and Furnish Information Regarding Financial Status

20.33    Request for Copy of Tax Return

20.34    Letter Authorizing DCSE to Release File Information to Attorney

20.35    Authorization to Release Confidential Health Records

20.36    Request for Certified Copy of Record of Conviction


21.1    Client Fact Sheet

21.2    Schedule Of Assets And Liabilities

21.3    Master Information List

21.4    Income/Expense Exhibit

21.5    Information And Fee Agreement For Domestic Relations Matters

21.6    Contract For Mediation

21.7    Memorandum Of Understanding—Sample Paragraphs

21.8    Partnership Agreement

21.9    Premarital Agreement

21.10    Sample Non-Abrogation Paragraph For Marital Agreement

21.11    Reconciliation Agreement

21.12    Premarital Agreement—Short Form

21.13    Provision Allowing For Later Insertion Of Omitted Language

21.14    Undisclosed/Not Included Assets

21.15    Effect Of Reconciliation

21.16    Temporary Child Support Provisions

21.17    Regular Child Support Provisions—Information and Generally

21.18    Regular Child Support Provisions—Application of Guidelines

21.19    Regular Child Support Provisions—Finances of the Parties

21.20    Regular Child Support Provisions—Amount and Duration

21.21    Emancipation Event

21.22    Modification Provisions

21.23    Dependency Exemption Provisions

21.24    Education Payment Provisions

21.25    Educational Trust Fund Provisions

21.26    Medical And Dental Provisions

21.27    Waivers And Reservations

21.28    Lump Sum Spousal Support Provisions

21.29    Lump Sum Spousal Support Payable Monthly

21.30    Lump Sum Payable Partly Upon Execution And Balance Monthly

21.31    Monthly Fixed Spousal Support

21.32    Monthly Variable Spousal Support For A Non-Fixed Term

21.33    Monthly Fixed Level Spousal Support For Fixed Term (Of More Than Three Years)

21.34    Monthly Fixed Level Spousal Support For Term Of Three Years Or Less

21.35    Spousal Support For Three-Year Period—Partial Non-Modifiability

21.36    Monthly Staggered Spousal Support For Fixed Term (Of More Than Three Years)

21.37    Tax Consequences

21.38    Reinstatement Alimony

21.39    Obligation Of Estate

21.40    Spousal Support Modification Provisions

21.41    Cohabitation

21.42    Other Support Considerations—Disability

21.43    Other Support Considerations—Tax Returns

21.44    Counsel Fees

21.45    Emergency Fund

21.46    Debts

21.47    Spousal Support In Lieu Of Property

21.48    Tax Effects Of Property Transfers

21.49    Real Property Provisions

21.50    Personal Property Provisions

21.51    Motor Vehicles

21.52    Deferred Compensation

21.53    Partnerships, Corporations, Business Interests, Loans, And Trusts

21.54    Life Insurance

21.55    Sole Custody

21.56    Sole Custody; Visitation Provisions

21.57    Sole Custody; Joint Custody During Visitation With Provision For Visitation Outside The United States

21.58    Joint Custody Arrangements

21.59    Shared Custody

21.60    Split Custody

21.61    Divided Custody

21.62    Joint (Legal) Custody With Primary Residence And Specific Schedule

21.63    Joint Custody: Schedule And Changes As Appropriate

21.64    (“Birdnest”) Joint Custody

21.65    Joint Legal Custody With Primary Residence

21.66    Joint Custody During Visitation

21.67    Children’s Religious Upbringing

21.68    Joint Custody, Legal Residence With One Parent (Child’s Best Interests)

21.69    Avoiding Use Of The Word “Custody,” Visitation Provisions

21.70    Relocation Provisions

21.71    Visitation Restriction (Other Person)

21.72    Examples Of Visitation Schedules

21.73    Visitation Restriction (Alcohol)

21.74    Safety And Moral Restrictions

21.75    Grandparents’ Visitation

21.76    Financial Provision

21.77    Change In Circumstances

21.78    Cooperative Parenting

21.79    Family Communication

21.80    Information Sharing

21.81    Medical Care

21.82    Parent Coordinator Provision

21.83    Examples Of Standard Provisions Used In Separation Agreements

21.84    Consent Order

21.85    Sample Separation Agreement I

21.86    Sample Separation Agreement II

21.87    Provision For Waiver Of Estate Rights

21.88    Clause To Terminate A Revocable Trust

21.89    Sample Estate Planning Provisions

21.90    Saving Clause for Benefit Waiver Provisions


22.1    Letter to be Sent to Family Members

22.2    Letter to be Sent to Capacity Evaluator

22.3    Certificate of Compliance with § 64.2-2003


23.1    Consent to Release of Confidential Health Care Information

23.2    Request to Health Care Provider for Client’s Medical Records

23.3    Medical Records Subpoena

23.4    Letter Certifying Expiration of 15-Day Period

23.5    Interrogatory Requesting Health Care Information

23.6    Request for HITECH Electronic Medical Records

23.7    Statement as to Medical Bills Evidence Pursuant to § 16.1-88.2

23.8    Statement as to Medical Records Evidence Pursuant to § 16.1-88.2


24.1    General Warranty Deed-VBA Form

24.2    General Warranty Deed To Husband And Wife-VBA Form

24.3    General Warranty Deed To Joint Tenants-VBA Form

24.4    General Warranty Deed To Tenants In Common-VBA Form

24.5    General Warranty Deed For Property In The Name Of One Spouse-VBA Form

24.6    Special Warranty Deed-VBA Form

24.7    Quitclaim Deed-VBA Form

24.8    Deed To Trustees Under Virginia Land Trust-VBA Form (Setting Out Trust Uses And Purposes)

24.9    Deed To Trustee Under Virginia Land Trust-VBA Form (From Trust Beneficiary; Trust Uses And Purposes Not Set Out)

24.10    Deed Of Subordination-VBA Form

24.11    Deed Of Release-VBA Form

24.12    Deed Of Partial Release-VBA Form

24.13    Deed Without Warranty

24.14    Deed of Gift

24.15    Deed For A Condominium Unit

24.16    Deed of Assumption

24.17    Examples Of Signature Blocks

24.18    Corrective Affidavit and Notice of Intent to Correct


25.1    Notice of Breach for Failure to Make Loan Payments

25.2    Substitution of Trustee

25.3    Notice that Original Note Evidencing Indebtedness is Unavailable

25.4    Lost Note Affidavit

25.5    Notice Required by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, 15 U.S.C. § 1692 et.seq

25.6    Notice Pursuant to Code of Virginia § 55-59.1

25.7    Notice of Trustee Sale

25.8    Memorandum of Foreclosure Sale

25.9    Deed of Foreclosure

25.10    Account of Sale



Virginia Civil Practice Forms

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