Residential Landlord-Tenant Law in Virginia Seminar Materials

Publication Date: May 2015
Available Formats: Searchable PDF via immediate download
Pages: 94


Topics Covered:

  • A practical guide on drafting critical lease provisions and avoiding common drafting pitfalls
  • How to draft and serve the correct pre-eviction notice
  • Taking the correct action prior to commencing an unlawful detainer action
  • How judges interpret any difference in VRLTA and non-VRLTA cases
  • What you need to prove to get damages and attorney’s fees

This comprehensive, stand-alone publication is direct from a December 2014 seminar.

Landlord-tenant law is more complicated than many people believe. Knowing the proper procedures to follow and strategies to pursue before court and in court can greatly improve your changes of achieving favorable results for your clients, and help you avoid many common pitfalls. Presented form a landlord’s perspective, the information will nonetheless be useful to tenant’s representatives as well.

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Table of Contents


I. Residential Landlord – Tenant Law in Virginia
Brandon H. Zeigler

A. Overview
B. Construction and Interpretation of Leases
C. Attorney Fees
D. Ethics

Cases and Codes

II. The Eviction Process under Virginia Law and Related Issues of Rent, Late Fees,
Damages and Attorneys’ Fees

Bryan Grimes Creasy

STEP ONE - Identify a breach of the Lease
STEP TWO - Serve the Proper Notice
STEP THREE - Identify and compile the proper documentation
STEP FOUR - File the Unlawful Detainer
STEP FIVE - Prepare for common evidentiary issues
STEP SIX - Prepare for and attend the return date
STEP SEVEN - Post-judgment issues
STEP EIGHT - Obtain and execute a Writ of Possession
STEP NINE - Acceptance of rent during the eviction process


Appendix 1: Conventional Material Noncompliance Notice
Appendix 2: Material Noncompliance Notice
Appendix 3: Notice of Termination
Appendix 4: Notice of Termination – Repeat Violation
Appendix 5: Summons for Unlawful Detainer


Brandon H. Zeigler

Bryan Grimes Creasy


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