Tools of the Trade: Mechanics' Liens and Payment Bonds Seminar Materials


This comprehensive, stand-alone publication is direct from a May 2012 seminar. It is available as a searchable PDF via download. Click here for more information on electronic books.

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Table of Contents


Tools of the Trade:
Mechanic’s Liens and Payment Bonds

I. Mechanic’s Liens

    A. Who Can Claim a Mechanic’s Lien?
    B. What Costs Can Be Liened?
    C. 150-Day Rule
    D. What Types of Property Can Be Liened?
    E. How is a Valid Mechanic’s Lien Recorded?
    F. Challenging the Validity of a Mechanic’s Lien
    G. Enforcing a Mechanic’s Lien
    H. Impact of Bankruptcy Filing by Owner or General Contractor
    I. Release of Liens
    J. Priority of Liens
    K. Legislative Updates

II. Alternatives to Mechanic’s Liens and Payment Bond Claims

    A. Personal Liability of Owner and General Contractor Under Va.
    Code § 43-11
    B. Enforcing General Contractor’s Lien Under Va. Code § 43-18
    C. Criminal Prosecution Va. Code § 43-13
    D. Quantum Meruit

III. Payment Bonds

    A. Public Payment Bond Claims - Federal Miller Act
    40 U.S.C. §§ 3131-3134
    B. Public Payment Bond Claims - State Little Miller Act in Virginia
    C. What Items are Recoverable Under the Miller Act and Little
    Miller Act?
    D. Payment Bond Surety Defenses
    E. Private Payment Bond Claims in Virginia


Shannon J. Briglia, BrigliaMcLaughlin, PLLC / Vienna

Robert J. Dietz, BrigliaMcLaughlin, PLLC / Vienna


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