Social Media Law 2013: Keeping Up with the Evolving Law of Emerging Media Seminar Materials


Social media is everywhere — including the practice of law. As you read this, there are millions of people all over the world who are reading, posting, commenting, and connecting online. The ramifications for your clients, the legal system, and your career as a lawyer are significant. Our expert faculty will update you on the latest developments in social media law, and will help you advise your clients in a variety of practice areas.

  • Gain a greater understanding of the legal, business, and ethical issues created or amplified by social media platforms
  • Receive practical advice on “the legal of social” to help you help your clients, including in the areas of employment law, family law, defamation, and securities law
  • Become familiar with potential liabilities inherent in social media, and the ethical constraints for attorneys

This comprehensive, stand-alone publication is direct from a June 2013 seminar. It is available in print or searchable PDF via download, USB Flash Drive, or CD-ROM. Click here for more information on electronic books.


  1. Introduction and Lawyers’ Best Practices
  2. Impacts and Landmines in Employment and Family Law
  3. Domestic Relations
  4. Securities and Investor Relations
  5. Defamation and Reputation Management
  6. Promotions
  7. Privacy
  8. Social Media, Electronics, and Ethics - How They Mix?

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Table of Contents

Social Media Law 2013:
Keeping Up With the Evolving Law of
Emerging Media

Anthony E. Cooch, Bean Kinney & Korman / Arlington
Christopher E. Gatewood, Threshold Counsel, PC / Richmond
Leslie A.T. Haley, Haley Law PLC / Richmond
Grant T. Moher, Curran Moher, P.C. / Fairfax

I. Introduction and Lawyers’ Best Practices - Gatewood

    A. Blogging
    B. LinkedIn
    C. Facebook
    D. Twitter
    E. Tumblr
    F. Instagram
    G. Foursquare
    H. Pinterest
    I. Snapchat

II. Impacts and Landmines in Employment and Family Law - Cooch,
Gatewood, Moher

    A. Employment Law

III. Domestic Relations

    A. Utility of Social Media in Domestic Relations Cases
    B. Acquiring Social Media Information
    C. Defending Against Social Media Issues
    D. Use of Social Media in Court
    IV. Evidence and Spoliation

V. Securities and Investor Relations

    A. Reg FD Requires Caution About Closed Systems on Particular
    B. Investor Relations Disclaimers and Disclosures
    C. Francesca’s Holdings CFO Fired for Social Media Comments
    D. Crowdfunding
    E. SEC Guidance for Registered Investment Advisors
    F. FINRA Guidance

VI. Defamation and Reputation Management

    A. Virginia’s Law of Defamation
    B. Defamation Per Se
    C. Limited Purpose Public Figures
    D. Social Media Defamation Examples
    E. A Derogatory “E-personation” Account Can Be Charged as
    Criminal Identity Theft

VII. Promotions

VIII. Privacy

    A. The Judge Doesn’t Care About Your “Friends Only” Setting
    B. The Stored Communications Act
    C. The Federal Trade Commission Continues to Hold the Line
    D. International Considerations
    E. California’s AG Has Some Suggestions

IX. Miscellaneous

    A. Estates
    B. Venue Selection

Leslie A.T. Haley

    Social Media and Related Issues
    A. Diligence and Competence
    B. Confidentiality
    C. Lawyer Advertising and Marketing
    D. Unintended Relationships
    E. Chatrooms, Listserves
    F. Pretexting
    G. Law Firm Policies Regarding Social Media
    H. Social Media Tips
    Cell Phones and Other Handheld Electronics
    Electronic Communications Generally


Anthony E. Cooch

Christopher E. Gatewood

Leslie A.T. Haley

Grant T. Moher


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