Bankruptcy Taxation Primer – The Practical, the Opportunities, and the Pitfalls (Online Seminar)

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A pre-recorded streaming audio replay of the May 2011 telephone seminar, Bankruptcy Taxation Primer: The Practical, the Opportunities, and the Pitfalls. (Learn more about the online seminar format. Learn more about the downloadable audio seminar format.)

Price: $130.00 (Now includes a downloadable audio version. Learn more.)

Viewable Through: May 31, 2013

Topics covered include:

  • Cancellation of indebtedness income
  • Treatment of tax claims in bankruptcy
  • What taxes are dischargeable
  • Taking advantage of NOLs
  • Oddities of individual bankruptcy estates
  • Planning within entity bankruptcies
  • Tax attributes
  • Quick audits
At the close of a bankruptcy case, the last thing that debtors, creditors, or their attorneys want to think about is a large tax bill. Especially because there is nothing left to tax, right? In fact, even when there is no cash left, debtors and creditors may be subject to taxes, penalties, and interest as the result of a bankruptcy. Every restructuring brings with it associated provisions of the Internal Revenue Code, which can impact businesses, individual owners, and creditors.

The area of bankruptcy tax and accounting is a complex field that can seem daunting to the average attorney. During this two-hour program, David Ruby, a bankruptcy attorney well versed in tax issues, and Barry Strickland, a certified public accountant, will provide attendees with a clear and concise overview of the most important and most common tax issues that bankruptcy and business lawyers should know. Gain a better understanding of the concepts so that you know which "red flags" to watch out for, and so that you can provide your clients with basic, general advice about the consequences of a potential bankruptcy.




David R. Ruby, ThompsonMcMullan, P.C. / Richmond
Barry I. Strickland, Barry Strickland & Company, Certified Public Accountants / Richmond

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