LEO: Conflict of Interest - Multiple  LE Op. 975


Conflict of Interest - Multiple Clients.


October 9, 1987


An attorney represents "A" on two matters: a suit brought by a

partnership (which is pending in circuit court) and a suit against a

limited partnership. The attorney also represents "A's" spouse, "B," in an

unrelated suit against "X" for injuries "B" received when "B's" car was

hit head-on by "X." The attorney proposes to name "X" as a defendant in a

personal injury suit brought by "B" and to name "A" as a second defendant.


It is improper, given the above facts, for the attorney to represent both "

A" and "B" even if both clients consent to the representation. [ DR:5-

105(A) and (C); LE Op. 947]


Committee Opinion October 9, 1987




See also LE Op. 1333.