LEO: Law Firm - Will Package  LE Op. 973


Law Firm - Will Package.


October 5, 1987


A law firm was approached by several local churches to prepare a simple

self-executing low-cost will package for church members not having wills.

The firm prepared a will package for the church members which enables the

members to formulate and execute a will in their respective jurisdictions

of Virginia, Maryland or the District of Columbia.


The law firm will send federal updates, each year, to the church members

who utilize the will package.


Given the above, the law firm apparently is extending the attorney-client

relationship from year to year. Therefore, the law firm has an ethical

duty to inform purchasers of the will package of changes in the law which

might affect the status of the estate. [ DR:6-101(D)]


Committee Opinion October 5, 1987