LEO: Law Firm - Unpaid Fees  LE Op. 972


Law Firm - Unpaid Fees.


September 30, 1987


A law firm filed a motion for judgment against "X" in order to collect

fees owed the firm. Within six days of service and six days prior to the

date of hearing, "X" paid the entire amount due, plus court costs. On the

return date of the motion for judgment, the claim was reduced to judgment.


The committee opined that if the firm was aware at the time judgment was

made that the client had paid the monies owed, and did not advise the

tribunal of such, a violation of DR:7-102(A) (5), DR:7-105(C) (6) and

 DR:1-102(A)(1) may have occurred.


Committee Opinion September 30, 1987