LEO: Law Firm Advertising, LE Op. 971


Law Firm Advertising.


[Date unknown]


A law firm is a professional corporation of twelve shareholders who are all partners in the firm. Three partners of the firm wish to undertake an advertising campaign designed to market to the general public the personal injury services offered by the firm. The firm wishes to form a separate professional corporation bearing only the names of the three partners, which would be a wholly owned subsidiary of the existing corporation. Any clients responding to the proposed advertising would be seen by and represented by one of the three partners who wish to form the separate corporation. The above proposal does not appear to violate DR:2-101 or DR:2-102 of the Code of Professional Responsibility. Disciplinary Rule 2-104(B) must be complied with. [DR:2-101, DR:2-102, DR:2-104(B)]




See also LE Op. 1029. For this opinion being reaffirmed, see LE Op. 1031. See also LE Op. 1356


LEO: Law Firm - Advertising, LE Op. 971 (1980)