LEO: Fees - Compensating Lawyer Who Has  LE Op. 970


Fees - Compensating Lawyer Who Has Surrendered His License

Law Firm: Stationery.


September 30, 1987


It is improper for a law firm to compensate a lawyer who has surrendered

his license for work performed on files by the lawyer prior to surrender

of his license. [ DR:3-102(A); LE Op. 809]


It is not improper for a law firm to place the name and title of the

office's chief investigator on the law firm stationery as long as an

affirmative statement is added which makes it clear that the investigator

is not licensed to practice law. [ DR:2-101(A); LE Op. 809 and LE

Op. 767]


Committee Opinion September 30, 1987




For this opinion being reaffirmed, see LE Op. 1030. See also LE Op.