LEO: Confidentiality Former Client's LE Op. 967


Confidentiality Former Client's Confidences and Secrets.


August 31, 1987


A law firm was served with a subpoena from a federal grand jury in another state seeking production of documents generated and received by the firm in connection with its past representation of a former client. The firm, pursuant to its former client's instructions, objected to the production of the privileged documents and moved to quash the subpoena. The government in turn filed a motion to compel production of all subpoenaed documents. The law firm opposed the motion to compel, both in writing and at a hearing. The U.S. District Court has now entered an order granting the motion to compel as to all subpoenaed documents. It is not improper, given the above, for the firm to comply with the court order and produce the subpoenaed documents. [Canon 4; LE Op. 787, LE Op. 334 and LE Op. 300]


Committee Opinion August 31, 1987




See also LE Op. 1352


LEO: Confidentiality - Former Client's, LE Op. 967 (1987)