LEO: Attorneys - Lawyer Referral Services  LE Op. 910


Attorneys - Lawyer Referral Services.


May 4, 1987


An attorney wishes to contract with an out-of-state corporation which is

in the business of obtaining clients for lawyers in return for monthly

payments. Lawyer referral services should be in compliance with Code

provisions DR:2-102, DR:2-103 and DR:2-104.


The committee cautions that statements of the corporation in violation of

the Virginia Disciplinary Rules could result in automatic violations by

the participating attorneys. Proposed advertising should, therefore, be

examined to prevent statements or claims that are false, fraudulent,

misleading or deceptive. [ DR:2-101, DR:2-103, DR:2-104]


Committee Opinion May 4, 1987




See also LE Op. 926, LE Op. 1014, and LE Op. 1348.