LEO: Domestic Relations Conflict of, LE Op. 888


Domestic Relations Conflict of Interest.


April 1, 1987


It is improper for an attorney to represent a wife in a divorce action when the attorney had represented the wife-client's husband in an aborted divorce action against wife-client nine years previously. This holds true even though the current financial conditions and marital relationship of the parties differs substantially from nine years ago. The committee feels that under these facts the original representation of the husband is so substantially related to the current representation of the wife as to constitute a conflict of interest. [DR:1-101, DR:5-105(D), DR:4-101; LE Op. 792].


Committee Opinion April 1, 1987




See also LE Op. 1075, and LE Op. 1139


LEO: Domestic Relations - Conflict of, LE Op. 888 (1987)