LEO: Domestic Relations - Preparing Pleadings  LE Op. 876


Domestic Relations - Preparing Pleadings for

Unrepresented Parties.


February 2, 1987


It is not improper for an attorney to prepare a separation agreement on

behalf of a client and to forward same for signature to an out-of-state

unrepresented spouse who would, under the terms of the agreement were he

to sign, relinquish title to various parcels of land owned jointly. The

attorney must advise the unrepresented party to secure counsel and inform

the unrepresented party that the attorney represents the interests of his

client, which interest are or may be adverse to the interests of the

unrepresented party. [ DR:7-103(A)(2) and (B), LE Op. 644, LE Op. 669,

 LE Op. 689].


Committee Opinion February 2, 1987




See also LE Op. 884, LE Op. 890, LE Op. 1167, and LE Op. 1344.