LEO: Conflict of Interest - Former Client  LE Op. 873


Conflict of Interest - Former Client.


February 2, 1987


A law firm defends the insureds of an insurance company from time to time

when requested by the insurance company. Over the years, the firm has

become acquainted, through litigation on behalf of the insurance company,

with some of the corporate insureds. The firm is now representing a

plaintiff against one of the corporate insureds of the insurance company.

It is not improper for the attorney to continue the suit against the

insured party and the present relationship with the insurance carrier when

disclosure has been made to the former clients and all parties agree that

the prior representation does not preclude the attorney from filing the

present suit against the former client. [ DR:4-101, DR:5-101 and DR:5-



Committee Opinion February 2, 1987




See also LE Op. 1057.