LEO: Legal Fees - Division with Legal  LE Op. 767


Legal Fees - Division with Legal Assistant -

Letterhead with Nonlawyer Personnel.


January 29, 1986


It is not improper to pay a legal assistant on a profit-sharing basis in

lieu of a salary provided such plan does not circumvent another

Disciplinary Rule. [ DR:3-102. See for example DR:3-104 "Nonlegal



It is not improper to include on firm letterhead the name and titles of

legal assistants, paralegals or office managers provided that it is

perfectly clear that such persons are not lawyers and that such inclusion

is not false, misleading or deceptive. [ DR:2-102(A)]


Committee Opinion January 29, 1986




See also LE Op. 806, LE Op. 909, and LE Op. 970.