LEO: Appearance of Impropriety - Conflict of  LE Op. 759


Appearance of Impropriety - Conflict of Interest -

Spouse with Department of Social Services.


January 13, 1986


It is not improper for an attorney whose spouse is employed by the local

department of social services to appear in the following matters in which

the local department of social services is involved, provided the spouse

has no involvement in the case workup: (1) representation of a parent in a

disputed custody matter where the department of social services will be

asked to do a home study; (2) representation of a parent/adult charged

with child abuse or an offense against a juvenile; (3) participation as a

guardian ad litem in contested custody matters; and (4) representation of

a juvenile when custody and home conditions may become a factor in the

sentencing/disposition stage. [See LE Op. 608 and LE Op. 653]


Committee Opinion January 13, 1986