LEO: Multiple Clients - Domestic Relations  LE Op. 749


Multiple Clients - Domestic Relations

Solicitation of Legal Employment.


January 17, 1986


Counsel to a defendant in a divorce suit in which adultery is the ground

also represents several witnesses subpoenaed by the plaintiff and

identified by the defendant as adultery co-respondents. It is not improper

for the attorney to represent the defendant and multiple witnesses for the

purpose of invoking the privilege against self-incrimination and to

continue as counsel in the hearing. [ DR:5-105(A), (B) and (C)]


It is not improper for the defendant to contact the adultery co-

respondents at the direction of her attorney for the purpose of retaining

the same attorney to represent them in regard to the privilege against

self-incrimination so long as no false, fraudulent or deceptive statements

were involved. [ DR:2-102, DR:2-103]


Committee Opinion January 17, 1986