LEO: Attorney as Witness - Notarization  LE Op. 742


Attorney as Witness - Notarization -

Attorney's Staff as Notary.


January 20, 1986


It is not unethical per se for a lawyer to notarize his client's

signature so long as there is no probability, under the circumstances,

that the lawyer will be a witness in regard to the notarized signature.

There is no prohibition against a lawyer's secretary notarizing the

signature of the lawyer's client nor against the lawyer notarizing a

nonclient's signature. [See DR:5-101(B) and DR:102(A). LE Op. 742

modifies LE Op. 618 and LE Op. 626.]


Committee Opinion January 20, 1986




See also LE Op. 788, and LE Op. 1006.