LEO: Conflict of Interests - Multiple Clients  LE Op. 725


Conflict of Interests - Multiple Clients - Disqualification of

Attorney/Law Firm.


August 30, 1985


 DR:5-105(C) of the Virginia Code of Professional Responsibility

dictates that the representation of multiple clients may continue so long

as a law firm can adequately represent the interests of each client and

has the consent of the clients to the representation after full disclosure

of the possible effect of such representation on the exercise of the law

firm's independent professional judgment on behalf of each. On the other

hand, if the individual members of a law firm are not in a position to

comply with the requirements of DR:5-105(C), then not only are the

individual lawyers disqualified but the entire firm is disqualified

pursuant to DR:5-105(E).


Committee Opinion August 30, 1985




See also LE Op. 1210.