LEO: Domestic Relations - Conflict of Interest  LE Op. 689


Domestic Relations - Conflict of Interest - Acceptance of Service -

Waivers - Unrepresented Defendant.


May 10, 1985


It would not be improper for the complainant's attorney to prepare

acceptance of service for signature by an unrepresented defendant in a

divorce case so long as the acceptance of service document is limited to

that administerial function only. It would be improper for a complainant's

attorney to prepare a "Waiver of Rights Under Soldiers' and Sailors' Civil

Relief Act" in a divorce case since the waiver of rights would involve

substantially more than a mere administerial act. [ LE Op. 644, LE Op.



Committee Opinion May 10, 1985




See also LE Op. 755, LE Op. 876, LE Op. 890, and LE Op. 1344.