LEO: Conflict of Interest - Two Office Law  LE Op. 680


Conflict of Interest - Two Office Law Firm.


April 2, 1985


It is not improper for an attorney to represent plaintiffs in a products

liability claim even though the firm simultaneously represents as third-

party defendants, distributors of the product at issue in a separate

products liability claim. This conclusion is premised upon the fact that

the two factual situations are unrelated except with respect to the nature

of the injuries and the alleged cause; that there are no confidences and

secrets of the defendants which may be used to the detriment of the

defendant/client or to the benefit of the firm's new plaintiff clients, or

to the benefit of the members of the firm; and that the independent

professional judgment of the attorney on behalf of plaintiffs will be

unaffected by the firm's representation of the defendants in the unrelated

matter. [ DR:4-101, DR:5-101, DR:5-105]


Committee Opinion April 2, 1985