LEO: Conflict of Interest Sharing Office LE Op. 677


Conflict of Interest Sharing Office Space While Representing Opposite Sides in a Divorce Case.


April 2, 1985


Attorney A previously represented both husband and wife in drafting a property settlement agreement which the husband and wife executed. Attorney A rendered legal advice to both husband and wife regarding the property settlement agreement. It would now be improper for attorney A to represent the wife in litigation for divorce in which the validity of the property settlement is an issue.


Since attorney A and attorney B share office space and secretarial help, it would also be improper for attorney B to represent the husband in the same divorce matter. [DR:4-101, DR:5-105, LE Op. 413]


Committee Opinion April 2, 1985




See also LE Op. 799, and LE Op. 1416


LEO: Conflict of Interest - Sharing Office, LE Op. 677 (1985)