LEO: Contingent Fees for Collection of Child  LE Op. 667


Contingent Fees for Collection of Child Support Arrearages.


March 15, 1985


A contingent fee arrangement in collecting child support arrearages is

unethical unless the following factors are satisfied:


1. Children involved have achieved or will soon achieve the age of



2. The attorney involved has objectively satisfied himself that the

contingent fee arrangement would not likely in any way undermine the non-

custodial parent's relationship with the minor child or children;


3. The prospective client is indigent and no other type of fee

arrangement is practical;


4. The fee arrangement is fair and reasonable under the circumstances. [

 LE Op. 189 and LE Op. 405, EC:2-22; cf. LE Op. 363 and LE Op.



Committee Opinion March 15, 1985




See also LE Op. 778, LE Op. 796, LE Op. 850, LE Op. 1174, and LE

Op. 1298.