LEO: Attorney's Fees - Interest on Prepaid  LE Op. 650


Attorney's Fees - Interest on Prepaid Amounts.


January 3, 1985


It is improper for an attorney to enter into an agreement with a client

in which all the funds paid to the law firm for future services will be

placed in an interest-bearing account, and both interest and principal

become the lawyer's property as services are performed. [ DR:2-105(A), (

B), DR:5-101, DR:5-104(A), DR:9-102, LE Op. 186A, LE Op. 186B, ABA

Formal Opinion 348 (July 23, 1982), Connecticut Informal Opinion 81-1,

Maryland Opinion 81-44, Maryland Opinion 81-49]


Committee Opinion January 3, 1985




See also LE Op. 1178.